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Originally posted by TruEssence:
Which book would you save art_gurl?

that's a tough one! I love books and I tend to keep them because they become part of me and where I've journeyed.

Depending on which room I'm in, it would be between a copy of The Happy Prince, by Oscar Wilde, that my aunty gave me as a child - precious stories and precious gift from someone very special. Or, Native Nations, by Edward S. Curtin. To cut a long story short, he was a photographer in the 1800s and set about compiling a 12 volume set of books detailing and recording photographically, each of the Native American tribes - before a lot of the elders passed away. His life was quite amazing, and certainly full of controversy. Curtin went bankrupt trying to complete his passionate mission, and few of the original books survive, and the book I have is a reprint with a selection of pictures of Native American Indians from various tribes. In another lifetime I would surely have lived in within what I consider to be one of the most phenomenal cultures and societies on the planet.

Sorry for the long-winded response. Wink

One is a little book, one is large, both are very precious. Smile
The World According to Garp by John Irving

Quirky plot, great writing (and even better writing about the process of writing), and the first time I've read a male author who so completely understands the boundaries/joys of being an unconventional woman. I think I was 15 when I first read it and it was such a fresh departure from the Madame Bovary-type books I was reading in class. I actually cried when I finished it, not because it ended sadly, but because I didn't want it to end.

And with a few more minutes, I'd take my unabridged, unedited version of Stephen King's The Stand. I love reading anything about the rapture and King is always at his best when he can write until he's spent rather than edit things down to a respectable level. Awesome book with great characters, a vivid story.
Which ONE book, excluding your photo album and Bible

My Qur'an. Ha ha. cool

No but I'd take "Weep No More My Lady" by Mary Higgins Clark because it was the very first MHC book that I had ever read. My nana gave it to me and it turned Mary into my favorite author. It's another way to hold my deceased grandma forever close to me. She loved books too. Smile

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