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From the discussion on the importance of education, I thought I would ask.

Did you go to college for your current career? If so, do you like it and are you happy with it. If not, what would you be or do? Even if you didn't go to college, are you happy in your career? What career do you think you would be happier in?

For me I'm working in the field I went to college for – Computers. But I've become more and more dissatisfied with it.

If I could I would have gotten a degree in Sociology and or become a writer.
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My career is only marginally related to my degree. But I'm quite happy with the status quo, not to mention the money!

On the other hand, I can fathom some members pondering a career change. Kevin41 and Shemika, perhaps. To something in the field of "sanitary engineering," like janitor. They're both pretty good at dishing out crap; how about cleaning it up? Big Grin
Originally posted by Blacksanction:
No, I went to college, came out and got a job in the field that I wanted.

Sometimes I just wish I had been better at math and had gone on to do something like genetics research. But I find dealing with real people is much more rewarding.

Hey EgbertSouse don't be such a downer.


I have a daughter who graduated mcl from Temple U. last year with a BS in biology. She's continuing on at another school to get her advanced degree in cellular and molecular biology. The "DNA stuff" as I call it (after an attempt to read one of her textbooks and giving up after 3-4 pages in to the 1st chapter).

I'm not always a downer. Witness how many of these blowhards here treat me. Granted, I don't fit in with the liberal/progressive/black viewpoints generally expressed on this board. But what's wrong with occasionally hearing the other side of the argument? If MBM didn't like it then he would have kicked me off long ago. At least he maintains an open mind. The downers are the liberal fascists like Nmaginate, Kevin41 and their lackeys who have attacked me ad hominem for almost two years now. Keep an eye on them and you'll see what I mean. They don't suffer ANY criticism. Sooner or later, they'll turn on you too.
Went to college and was a criminal justice major. Since I was in ROTC went on active duty and did my time. My degree has nothing to do with my current job which is Chief, Chemical Preparedness Division. The job includes Emergency Operations Manager for an Army Installation destroying part of the Army's chemical weapons stockpile.

Wasn't part of the career plan but I like the job and responsibilities that come with it.
I took one of those personality assessments that said I was most suited to be an architect, a surgeon or a programmer. I'm a programmer, but there are days when I wish I was a surgeon.

I have to say that programming has become a lot more socially respectable since I started 30 years ago, but there just no money in it, relatively speaking.

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