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Womens Rollercise Classes Starting Soon
- Posted 10-08-06 -

If you are a health-conscious woman in the Atlanta area, aged 30 or above and are looking for a structured, weekly roller workout, roll into Bill Butler's Jammin' Rollercise classes STARTING SOON. Class size is limited so sign up today. Send your name and phone number and a Rollercise representative will contact you with more details.

if you are in ATL and would like to sign up, you can do so here:
Original Post
if you would be interested in learning bill's "jammin" method of skating, he holds weekly group classes for that but it's specifically to train on his jammin technique of skating - which is a bit more complex than regular skating. (the class is for men & women)

for those who dont' know, bill is the key figure behind all the skating that took place in last year's movie "roll bounce." he was the artistic skate advisor/director and oversaw all skating aspects and scenes of the movie. for more on that, you can read his bio at:

Bill Butler's Creative Skate Dance Company

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