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Is it old school for a woman to cook for a man?
My guy can cook, but for some reason he likes to
see me in the kitchen. I don't mind cooking, but it seems kinda like he thinks cooking is "woman's" work. Blah!
Robyn McGee, author Hungry for More: A Keeping it Real Guide for Black Women on Weight and Body Image
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Yes, it is old school, however, Old school as it relates to relationships is good. Both men and women have given up too much ground while experimenting with nontraditional relationships.

Most men are affected by a woman's ability to cook for them. I dare say that cooking for a man is a genetic turn on competing closely with a woman's curves.

Women and men go through alot of trouble trying to enhance themselves in order to become more attractive to the opposite sex..Cooking beats out that.

While it is old school and I don't like for a man to EXPECT me to always be the cook, I do feel like it is my forte so I am the cook in any relationship 90% of the time. Partly because it has been EXTREMELY difficult for me to run across a man who has similar eating habits. (Mostly vegetarian unless we get a wild hair....) And also because I don't eat everyone's cooking! Smile

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