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Woman Falls to Her Death at Atlanta W Hotel After 'Play Fighting'
Aspiring model LaShawna Threatt fell to her death. (Google)

USA Today is reporting LaShawna Threatt, an aspiring model, was killed when she and her friend fell through a 10th-floor glass window at Atlanta's upscale W Atlanta-Midtown hotel early Saturday morning. It is being reported that the girls were "play fighting" when they fell through the window.

"It appears that there was no malicious act, no foul play," Atlanta Police Department homicide commander, Lt. Paul Guerrucci, told the Atlanta Journal-Constitution. "They were just wrestling with each other. They hit the window. The window broke. And they fell out."

Threatt's birthday celebration began Friday night with a dinner at Atlantic Station with friends and her father and lasted until around midnight, the story says. Threatt then went to the W hotel with friends and split a bottle of champagne among 10 to 15 people.

Threatt's fiancÉ, Ray Hamilton, told WXIA that at about 3:15 a.m. Saturday, when the party was wrapping up, Threatt was hugging her close friend Cierra Williams. Threatt's back was against the glass and the women were leaning on it when they "flew" out the window. Williams, who survived the fall, is recovering at a local hospital.

It is horrible to die while celebrating your life, but the circumstances seem a bit suspect. What grown people "play-fight" to such an extend that they would fall out of a window? If that is true, then "tragic" does not do justice to this death. We're reading the news reports, but this story just doesn't sound right. First they were reported to be "play fighting." Now the story is that they were hugging each other and pressed against the glass and fell out. We're keeping an eye on this one.

Read more at USA Today.

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