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It sounds like once the news got around that a top American Official was in Bagdad, they rallied the troops and went on the war path right to Wolf's door.

See now if only Bush would visit Iraq, I think this whole conflict would get settled once and for all.

If you have friends and / or family overthere, I would strongly suggest AWOL. It's a matter of life or death, those Iraqis aren't playing.

How do we encourage Bush to take a trip over there?


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Are you crazy? Roll Eyes

That was just the Liberal Media reporting all the bad news. There's a lot of good things happening in Iraq. brotongue

Stupid, arrogant dumbies!!
What part about violating people's dignity in their home don't they understand?

They must think Iraqis are as gullible as the dumb Americans who believe everything they here and give politicians the benefit-of-a-doubt. It's gonna be hard to save face with this one.

First Rumsfeld memo, now Wolfie's Fire Drill...

Where's Mountain and the Allied Apologist who want to say it's all going according to "plan"?
(Yeah, Mountain where are the 100 persons/accounts of grateful Iraqis for Liberation?)

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