'Witch' boy killers jailed for life in UK

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A Congolese couple were jailed for life on Monday for torturing and drowning a teenage boy they accused of being a witch.

Kristy Bamu, 15, died on Christmas Day 2010 after days of abuses by his sister Magalie, 29, and her partner, Eric Bikubi, 28 in an exorcism ritual.

He had come to London from Paris with his two brothers and two sisters to spend the festive season with Magalie.

But the couple, who were said to be obsessed with witchcraft known as kindoki in their native Democratic Republic of Congo, accused him of putting spells on a younger child.

Football coach Bikubi and Magalie were found guilty of murder at the Old Bailey last week.

Bikubi must serve at least 30 years and Bamu a minimum of 25 years.

Kristy had 130 separate injuries when he was found dead in a bath at their tower block flat in Newham, east London, prosecutors said during the Old Bailey trial.

Bikubi had beaten all the children after accusing them of bringing kindoki -- or voodoo -- into his home, but he reserved particular violence for Kristy, subjecting him to three days of attacks with knives, metal bars and a hammer.

The teenager had his teeth knocked out, ceramic floor tiles and bottles were smashed on his head and a pair of pliers was used to twist his ear.

He was in such pain that he "begged to die", the jury heard. When he was put in the bath by Bikubi, "he was just too badly injured and exhausted to resist or to keep his head above the water", prosecuting lawyer Brian Altman said.

Describing a "prolonged attack of unspeakable savagery and brutality", Altman said: "Kristy was killed in the name of witchcraft.

"It is hard to believe in this day and age anyone can believe someone was practising witchcraft."

Dr. Richard Hoskins, an expert witness who has studied kindoki for 25 years, told the trial that belief in it is "extremely widespread" among Congolese people, including those in Britain.

"Even here in London and amongst educated people, I've met lots and spoken with lots of people who believe in kindoki and think it has power," he said.

Kristy's sisters, aged 20 and 11, were also beaten but were let off after agreeing to confess to being possessed. The other two brothers, a 13-year-old and a 22-year-old with autism, were made to join in the torture.















"I'm just trying to make a way out of no way, for my people" -Modejeska Monteith Simpkins









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  This is a great example of the nonsense Europeans brought to Africa.  And as a result of colonalism, this sick mindset was absorbed into African culture as custom/tradition.  But quite frankly it is nothing more than supertision[sp]. This practice has NEVER brought back the dead, have never perform a good.  The only thing it has done is pulled Africans even more back in primitive and backwards thinking.   And what' so disturbing is Europeans used this psychological tool to control and gain power.  And it worked.  And in many cases, it still works.  There are still many blackfolks who believe in voodoo and witchcraft and my thing is if these things were sooooooo powerful how could it couldn't be used to eradicate slavery?  And why is it used soley against blackfolks?  i.e. blackfolks used it against each other?  And why isn't/wasn't it USED against not only massa but the Arab Slave traders?  That would be WHAT I would use it for....I mean if it's so powerful.  But!  It's not.  Never was.  And the only folks foolish enough to believe in it has been who?  Blackfolks!  And what's sooooo sad you can't convince believers to believe otherwise.  And I think this belief has been one of many reasons why Africa has been in mental slave bondage for over 1400 til present.  If we can remove this ridiculous mindset....the chains on the mind of many believers will be broken-and they will be free....finally.  But!  The question is....will we?  But!


I am thrilled that these idiots were prosecuted for this gruesome crime, I only regret that it was not life without the possibility of parole.  However, Europeans may have manipulated Africans psychologically with concepts of superstition, I don't believe that Africans' belief in witchcraft and superstitions did not exist before Europeans.  Witchcraft and sorcery was already highly ingrained in many African cultures for centuries before the slave trades, although I doubt that the heinous brutality that has been believed in and used since was every a primary part of of.  


Contrary to Western beliefs and Western propaganda, Africans possessed much knowledge about many things, some of which may have been perceived to be sorcery/witchcraft to those ignorant of that knowledge; Africans possessing this knowledge were scattered throughout the globe, and had such knowledge either beaten out of them by ignorant slavers or socially conditioned out of them, or the foreign lands they wound up in did not possess what they needed. What we still call "Root Workers" today are no more than lay psychologists and herbalists, however, in a foreign land, without the native herbs to concoct a cure would leave the 'witch doctor' useless, nor would people who had been beaten and/or brainwashed and/or socially conditioned into totally different mindsets and cultures adhere to or understand or have any use for the psychological 'advice' given to them, rendering the psychology the witch doctor/root worker, etc., had to offer useless or totally not believed and/or ignored. Also, much African knowledge was lost to the slave trade because many just never revealed certain knowledge they possessed in order to keep it out of the hands of the White man (which is speculated to be why no one today can build an African (Egyptian) pyramid the same way it was built thousands of years ago, that those who possessed such knowledge refused to pass it on in order to keep it out of the hands of their invaders (Whites).   


Now what you have in Africa and with African is just like here in America and with American, you have people who possess no such knowledge and who have not been born with any extra-sensory perceptions, who have not been selected and groomed and trained and taught certain things, out there claiming to have such knowledge, or extra-sensory perceptions, or to have been groomed and trained and taught certain knowledge when in fact they have not.  And, this does not included the invasion of Africa and African culture by Western religions, the various "Christian missionaries" for God know what extremist or questionable groups of people claiming to be Christians teaching THEIR brand of "satan, demons, spirits, etc., to African people in African and all over the Globe.


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  Witchcraft and soccery[sp] derived from the darkest pit of Europe....not Africa.  It is the Europeans who brought this mindset to Africans [in 6th century-during the same time Arabs began invading North Africa and brought with them the originally slave trade]].  Although Africans had their own form of spirit-seeking....it is much like that of Native Americans. I think the term is animist or something to that order.  Worshipping multiple gods i.e. omnigod.  It is absolutely a myth that Africans, the West Indies developed the concept of witchcraft/voodoo....although in the last 500  years this perception of Africans being the founder of this twisted form of worship has been widely accepted.  However, if one look very closely in Europe [especially during the middle ages(5th cent-15th cent)] (bits and fragments of Christanity and paganism fused together)-the practice which is now deemed African can be found there at its inception in the bowels of this once lost culture[as a result of the fall of Rome].  Folks seems to forget that Africa was far advanced in intelligence/spirituality and oneness with God and the Universe- especially Egypt, Sudan, Nubia aka Ethiopia.....where the first tribes of mankind derived....the civilized society moved westward across what is now known as the sahara desert-which at that time was filled with fortage plentiful and water abundance. 


This is the greatest misnomer.  Inciting that Voodoo/Witchcraft comes from Africa is short of a bad fairy tale nightmare.  Cuz why?  It simple not true.  Yet it is so easy to distinguish because these concepts holds deep within its meaning a primitive/barbaric backward spiritual concepts [of Christianity (The Goth God that scares you into worship) and Paganism(a self centered theory i.e. wicca void of proselytism ].  Africa NEVER practiced these type of religious traditions until they were introduced to its natives during the brutal invasions/crusades and forced slave trades on both sides:  Arabic and European.  But!   

  Lemme say this...if the "root" witchcraft was derived from Africa[with all its deadly connoctions and spells]...first!  The Arab Slave Trade would not have existed and have lasted for over 1400 years.   I mean if in fact voodou/witchcraft HAD any power.  Those semites would have NEVER went back across the Red Sea.  Secondly, if the first prevented the invasion of not only the Arab Slave Trade but the crusades of both Islam and Christianity....there wouldn't have been the Atlantic Slave Trade thereafter.  Cuz Africans would have HAD their own source of weaponery....but!  It's mighty funny that witchcraft/voodou is ONLY used against other blackfolks.  And a perfect example is zombism....popular in Haiti.  Now they have this powder that can suspend the mind into comatose.  Why in the HELL did they not use it on the French?  The black women[black slaves] were cooking THEIR meals during that time.  I mean instead of grinding glass...the powder [which dissolves quickly and is odorless and tasteless]would have STOPPED the  slaughter of so many innocent Africans. But! Did they?  That would be a no?  So it doesn't make sense to me that if one has their own form of defense....and folks are coming in raping, performing castration and FGM, killing, pillaging and enslaving family members, community and a civilization at large....WHY IN THE HELL DID AFRICANS NOT USE THIS ALL POWERFUL supernatural FORCE throughout the invading areas of Africa to save their people from this horrific inhumane genocide? 


Addititonally, the minute the slavers began performing FGM on young African girls and women.....the minute the slavers started castrating young men....that would have been the TIME to use witchcraft.  We have to get out of this mindset and start thinking like the enemies who have used EVERYTHING including psychological rhetorical devices to gain control over spirit, body and soul of entire African nations.  When the Europeans began targeting Native Americans in the New World, you best believe the Europeans had a fight on their hands.  Native Americans used everything including the "kitchen sink" to battle these unwanted invaders....but!  They could not battle the unexpected and unfamiliar disease called small pox and the mind altering affects of the spirit water:  RUM.  As a result of these two form of sleath weaponeries, Native Americans lost many battles in their homeland.  But those are the only things that killed them.  Massa came in scapping Indians and cutting out the gentialia of their women. ....Native Indians started doing the same thang.  Even when the Europeans started enslaving the Indians....they [Native Americans] had many deadly devices up their sleeves as why when one war ended three or four begun soonafter.  Cuz why?  Native Americans wasn't having any foriegn coming over taking their land and they used WHATEVER they had to combat-however domicle to even the battle field between the two.  Having said that, Africans were not brain dead.  They were warriors too.  And wouldn't any logical person assume that if they had this magical potion to end the invasion of foreigners...they would use it?  That's all I'm saying.  Cuz you utilize what you have....and not what you don't have.  And to be clear, Native Americans traded captured Indians into their own form of slavery after winning the battle in war against each other....so this type of thing is not outside the box of human behavior.  However, for me knowing how highly intelligent and capable Africans were at that time, it would make a whole lotta of sense for them to use this so-called supernatural device to eradicate the enemies.  But!  History says they didn't.  Cuz why?  It was not there within their reach to do so.


And these so-called supernatural belief systems:  sangeria[sp] voodou, witchcraft[wicca]and other cult like customs almost ALWAYS have some kind of alcohol involved.  With voodou it's rum....with sangeria[sp] it's either rum or wine.  And we won't talk about Christianity and its blood symbol i.e. wine.  And who brought rum to the natives[Africans and Native Americans]?  It wasn't the omni Sungod that's for sure.  Books:  Rainbow and the serpent[?]; Serpent in the sky-both talk about the mixture of herbs/roots and rituals with its powerful and long term mental & physical affects. Upon reading each of these books, you will find in both the mention of European influence [which developed after the Fall of Rome and the onset of the Ottman Empire].  But!   

  By the way....the reason I went into a historical rant is because I grow tired of folks thinking that this backward barbaric form of worship comes from Africa.  Every time someone says voodou, witchcraft and Africa, it is an assumption that all three go together and it doesn't.  Just like colonalism has a long term affect on Africans and their ancedents throughout the world, the same can be said of these dark images of spiritual worship.  I don't like it.  Yes, these things are now practiced in Africa and other former slave port Islands....but!  It was FORCED upon them.  It was FORCED upon them.  They couldn't use their original religion to worship, the drums were banned especially in America....and ALL they had was the presence of the European demi gods.  And just like slaves did when they took food thrown out by massa and turned it into a popular delicacy...so be it with this twisted myth.  Africans were over the top intellectuals. They knew how to praise and honor their Gods-so when it was taken,they did the next best thing they knew how...cuz why?  Europeans were only "model" they had.  And the rest, they say, is history. Having said that, those folks who practiced this horrific crime on that young man were merely "modeling" what they had learned from their elders and others in their village/community without EVER questioning the cruelty(cuz it's a slave technique).  It's all they know.  I just wanted to point this out.  Before it too becomes lost in history.      

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