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I work on the Hill. There is a vibe - the reason Tom Delay is leaving I am told - that the Repubs will lose the House in the up coming elections.

I personally don't think so because I think they have the elections rigged.

Do you think it will happen? Do you think it will make difference or that they can turn things around in this country for the better?
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There is SO much negative stuff going on with the Republicans - from the Iraq War to Scooter Libby to Jack Abramoff to the Valerie Plame incident (that Bush is at the center of), to the investigations of Bill Frist, etc., etc., etc. If the Republicans want to salvage this election at all, it would seem that they are going to have to do something drastic. Maybe getting rid of Delay is a piece of that plan.

I'll tell you - if the Dems get Congress, you can bet that special prosecutors and grand juries are going to heat up all over that town! The Republicans will be (rightfully so) scared stiff.
I think there's a good chance that the Dems can take back at least one House of Congress ... starting with this upcoming election, even and there's no telling about the White House ... it depends who the candidate will be, and that's way too far off to tell at this point.

The Republicans will probably lose a whole lot ... seats, voter confidence, etc., not because the Dems are better or smarter or have a better plan, but just because of the mass confusion of the Repub party right now. They are shooting their own selves in the foot! Eek

However, I don't put it past them to come up with some sudden amazing plan to convince the American people that they are still the best choice ... the Dems don't have enough sense to go for the juggular while the getting is good! Frown If they could get enough press time in (and the intelligence) to say how stupid people were for voting in this Republican Administration and president in the first place ... I think we'd see a 180 in the government, in '06 and in '08.
They know they can't do it without us.

We should know they can't do it without us.

And...of course,...that Christian Coalition, which so many of us have joined thinking 'Jesus makes it right!' sounds like two verses of 'Amazing Grace'; along with three shouts of 'Down with abortion', and one stanza of 'We Shall Overcome' ought to do it.

If the Republicans can't be beaten now, it will be dark a long time.


Jim Chester

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