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I have tried so many things to grow hair. MY hair has been 4 inches for the longest and i haven't had a relaxer since April 2008. i have taken hair vitamins and i take care of my hair. I put different products on it. i had let it sit for a month with no manipulation and still no growth. Also, i want to grow my hair so i can do more styles. i mean how many different styles could one do with 4 inches of hair?
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What hair type do you have 4 a,b or c? I'm a 4a zig zag and small s-curl combo. Actually 4 inches is quite a bit of hair if you're 4a. You will need to trim your hair I'd say maybe 2-3 times a year, especially in the summer. I noticed that's when my hair grew the fastest. I was also told recently by my stylist that folic acid helps grow hair. And from time to time I actually have my hair pressed or flat ironed. Another thing I always do with my hair is cold wash daily in the spring, summer & fall. During the winter at least 3 times a week. For me I find that Organic Root Stimulator products work the best. I don't like the way any other product feels on my hair or conditions my hair. I also on occasion make my own homemade mayonnaise condition with olive oil and egg added for extra shine. 
Hope this helps. 

The main thing that determines how long your hair will be is DNA.  Other than that the only thing that can make your hair grow is to eliminate any/all the things that make your hair break off in the first place.  You do have to trim the ends of your hair to eliminate split ends (most people that have their hair trimmed on a regular basis see the fast hair growth after all split ends have been eliminated), because that is where the hair breakage happens in the fist place, unless do to some health problem, it may be breaking at the scalp.  Another thing that stimulates (to a degree) hair growth is to keep it clean, I mean super clean the hair when you shampoo, to brush the hair nightly and continous scalp manipulatuion. 

Stay away from products with alchohol in them, drink plenty of water, exercise, and maintain a healthy diet---overall health has an affect on your hair in a lot of cases. 

However, you should be more concerned that the hair you do have is healthy and not how long it is. 

What makes hair beautiful is the hair being healthy, regardless of the length, color, texture.
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A cold wash is 'washing' with conditioner only. I may shampoo wash my hair maybe at most once a month, when the thought crosses my mind. For me that's a big no-no for my hair health as there are too many moisture stripping chemicals in some of these OTC produts. Folic Acid supplements you can probably find at a health care store like GNC or somewhere like that. 
One thing that people with tightly coiled hair experience here is keeping our hair moisturized which is essential to healthy hair. This is going to sound wierd, but I haven't used hair grease in quite some time. I prefer liquid hair oils or natural shea butter to grease. Also as I stated in my earlier comment, Organic Root Stimulator products just seem to work great on my hair.
Thanks all for your comments. I do have healthy hair. I cant stand when it's
dry so i have a daily moisturizer. Healthy hair is most important. I'm glad I have4 inches compared to someone with less. But still long hair is a goal. No matter how healthy it is,I can do more with long hair.  I am taking care of my hair to make it it's healthiest. I have taken so much advice from people about hair and researched it.

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