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Originally posted by Lofton:

A person reaps what they sew. Virtually every member of that board spoke highly of me, treated with respect, and welcomed me back, which is more than I can say for the likes of Faheem, BuckWheat, and/or Nmaginate. But that is neither here nor there, because anyone who is truly righteous can go anywhere, and come out just as clean as they went in, which can not be said for Faheem, Ricardomath, and Nmaginate.

I'm sure that it will do a world of good for your self esteem, Lofton. I'm very happy for you. Roll Eyes

BTW, did Faheem get banned?

"La vida te da sorpresas...
Sorpresas te da la vida...",
¡Ay, Dios!

Rubén Blades---Pedro Navaja

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