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...before it is all over with, President George Bush, etc., etc., will be considered very compassionate, caring, etc., etc.,

.....because the billions of dollars steming from the Bush Administration, the Republican Party, the affluent, etc., etc., to finance the relocation, housing, the necessities of life, employment opportunity, for the benefit of the New Orleans Black poverty stricken in communities such as Salt Lake City, Utah, the San Fernando Valley, and other areas of affluence are giving hope, promise, shelter, and opportunity unmatched at any given time over the period of forty years that the Democratic Party has dominated the destiny of inner-city residents.

Typically, the Democratic Party, through a disgraceful elected Black leadership, and/or the so-called Black middleclass who have praised them, have kept the masses of Black people in poverty, as opposed to creating opportunity to uplift the Black underclass from the bondage of begging for AFDC benefits, designed or doomed for failure social welfare, etc., etc.

It is certain, that the destitute, the underclass, the poverty stricken who are being rescued, given opportunities to move forward, etc., etc., can think of nothing but praise for the Republican Party, the Bush Administration, Caucasians, etc., etc.

......Now as to the reality of it, as it applies to the true sellouts, and/or individuals from within the Black community who praise them

.....their own greed, ignorance, selfishness, blatant incompetence, and/or treasonous character will eventually drive these individuals out of existance!

....and should the Black community get smart, these proven misfits, and/or traitors to their own constituency will swiftly be booted out of any position of influence, period, period, period!

Far too often, our own Black elected leadership, specifically as it concerns the Democratic Party, has been more concerned with looking out for personal friends, their own selfish interests, and/or outside interests than the plight of the Black underclass, the action of Ray Nagin, Brentwood Burke, Merv Dymally, etc., etc., being very typical. much so, that the treason of our own elected representatives has weakened the strength of many Black people who now choose to cast their vote, support, etc., etc., for individuals who truly serve the best interest of community residents, as opposed to the contrary, the contrary being many of our own treasonous self-serving elitist elected Black leaders, and/or those from within the Black community who praise them!


Michael Lofton
Originally posted by Constructive Feedback:

If this is what it takes to get Reparations then SO BE IT.

We as victims of America will accept "Visa, Master Card or American Express". We can take our payment in one lump sum or as is the case here - in a series of payments. if to say, our own Black leadership have not been afforded the opportunity to serve the Black community. More so than not, our own Black leaders have chosen to serve their personal friends, themselves, and/or outsiders at the expense of the Black community!

Can't honestly say our own Black leaders, and/or other Black people in positions of influence, have not had a chance. Since our own leaders have truly failed to competently serve the indigent, the poverty stricken, the underclass......
........the indigent, the poverty stricken, the underclass, and/or others, are not going to sit idle while our own Black leaders and/or others in positions of influence choose to do nothing, remain incompetent, play games, betray their constituency, and/or move in the wrong direction!

Caucasians, and/or other outsiders are stepping up to the plate, namely because our own leaders have failed. Far too many of our own Black elected leaders, and/or other Black people in positions of influence are an embarrassment to themselves and to the Black community!

In my own life I've been a witness to the game playing, the sleaze, the incompetence, the selfishness, the treason, that make no mistake definitely exists within our own leaders and the so-called Black middleclass who praise them.

The neglect of the poverty stricken in New Orleans due to Hurricane Katrina,

....... Killer/Butcher King Hospital, are yet other realities, of very similar activity, as it applies to the ineptness of our own leaders, and/or others in positions of influence within our community who have failed to be ethical, responsible, etc.,....

.....and Caucasians, and/or others have had to respond as a means of damage control, to make the necessary corrections to:

A. Save lives.

B. Minimize the occurance of future civil lawsuit for damages.

C. Maintain, restore and/or rebuild the accredidation of a private or public institution, an agency, a business, and/or to take action to restore the reputation of good government, and its relationship with citizens.

D. Raise the standards to meet the requirement needed for federal funding, future business investment, etc.

E. Rid an institution, agency, organization, etc., of truly incompetent individuals.

F. Restore the integrity of an institution, an agency, a business, a city, etc. As the rating and integrity of a business, agency, organization, etc., falls, so will its support base, be the support base customers, membership, community residents, etc., etc.

G. Save a city, county, or other jurisdiction from any future embarrassment brought on by the incompetence of Black people, and/or other individuals. which the failure of our own leaders, or the void of competent leadership that exists in our own community has made it necessary for outsiders to make corrections to:

H. Save face.

I. Prevent an agency, business, or otherwise from losing its accredidation, or source of funding.

J. Restore or rebuild a reputation.

K. Save lives, or promote the growth of a community, as opposed to the contrary.

L. Protect the rights of law abiding citizens.

M. Prevent future losses brought on by multi-million dollar civil lawsuits for damages.

N. etc., etc!


Michael Lofton
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Blacks are only 2.3 percent of the nearly 36,000 undergraduate students at Texas A&M University in College Station.---K41

I have always been impressed that Penn State has been ablem ti this day, to hold its African American enrollment at 4%+/- since 1960, and possibly before.

Penn State is a school that has indignantly denied racism in its management even while requiring pictures with applications.

The school had to 'give it up' when the Feds challenge the school's eligibility for federal funds in the mid-1970s.


Jim Chester

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