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First I'll let you know im a Slavik/black man.

After browsing the internet i came across this site and noticed much bashing, wheater or not you realise it agaist white women/white men/ black men. Are you really that sexually frustrated? I think its important for us to all know that we are all directly related to each other, our blood knows no boundaries.

The average afican american is 1/4 white.
The average white has direct african blood also, just not as much.
Penis steriotypes are grossly overestimated, the difference resides at a half inch among AA and Irish americans. If you look at statistics it shows Europeans are larger that Africans, while arabs are largest, which interestingly is underestimated in american society.
The pornographic industry doesnt favor white men having love with black females, it goes all around.
interracial dating is not one way, ive seen black women w/ asians and asian men with white women.
We all think the same. Same parts of brain. same hormones, same amount.
We all have the same organs, muscle, brain mass.
Whites and blacks are just as masciline, no race can look "gay" thats just your biggitry.
when white women date black men its not just physical, the same goes the other way.
Whites aren't smarter than blacks, though asians do seem to learn quicker, iq test are biased
Interracial marriages are even between males and females in Eastern Europe because these steriotypes are not believed.

Some Puerto Ricans may be part white but they have a unique culture, and are proud of it as they should be. Thats why they concider themselves PR and not white.

Latino is a ethnic group based upon their culture not their race.

If you wonder how i know this its because im a Evolutionist, I teach Evolution.

Ive also posted messages on white biased websites asking them to make us all as humans look at acinide as they do. The message here is we are the same. Dont be paranoid or hate white people because they are "stealing your men."

I am not a racist but im not a liar either, thats why ill say after reading SOME of the post here i did have some swaying views on the entire black race, but i realise this is just a small portion of people. Its only expected when you feel attacked.

Before i get called a racist i must say that i am 1/4 black and appear to be 1/2, 1/4 indian and 1/2 slavik. I was raised by my african american mother in slovakia when my father died in Algeria. wrong place, wrong time, they thought he was Fench. I am very proud of all of my bloodlines. You can be a pround african and a nonracist at the same time, infact we all should be. just how im proud of being part mongoloid, negroid, caucasioid.

Stop with the brotherhood, thats a old english viewpoint that didnt work with them either. we are all brothers not based upon our skin but whats under it. We even get lung, heart, blood, kidneys from other races, i would think that would strengthen our biological closeness.

Sorry if my english is bad. If it helps i speak 4 languages. I know its very choppy.

Please read with open mindness
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Originally posted by Faheem:
Read American history and all that has happen in America between Black folk and white folk and you will find the answer to your question and understand why most of what you have just written is irrelevant.

Racial issues are so important in America because they have been made so, thats who we are. From the earliest beginnings of this country, race has been a defining element from blacks not being considered human to chinese coolies working the railroads being treated just a nudge better.

White men whether or not you want to believe this made race an issue, from that bogus line that men are created equal they have continued though laws, procedures, trickery and outright terror to ensure that whites were the blessed ones in this country.
Originally posted by HeruStar:
Aint no way I'm 25% white.

He said average Heru. Your not average bro'. Wink

Seriously, averages have nothing to do with the individual but refer to an ensemble, a group, a sample. So if you have 1000 black men, the average "percentage" with respect to their European heredity will be 25%. Individuals within the pool may be anywhere between 0 - 100%. The interesting thing would be how the pool was determined. Did the members self identify with a particular racial ethnic group or where they assigned.

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