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Vivienne Malone Mayes

Very disturbing from website on her:
Dr. Mayes' struggle did not end after the Ph.D. She was hired at Baylor University in 1966, and for years after, it took Federal invesigators to assure the Baylor U did not discrimnate against her. They stopped during the years of the Ronald Reagan presidency when funds for such investigations were cut. In 1971, the Baylor Student Congress elected Mayes Outstanding Faculty Memeber of the Year.

Reputation of Baylor University:

Chartered in 1845 by the Republic of Texas and affiliated with the Baptist General Convention of Texas, Baylor is the oldest institution of higher learning in the state and the largest Baptist university in the world.

The rest of this story here

What did Baylor U offer in return since her retirement?

Then if Baylor U dont want to remember her proper maybe President Bush the librarian will.

Baylor Proposed President Bush Library


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Original Post

'Thug party' spurs questions of racism at Baylor

02:58 PM CST on Tuesday, March 7, 2006



One girl at an off-campus fraternity party used bronzer to darken her skin as part of the 'thug' theme.

Accusations of racism at Baylor University arose once again after photographs of a fraternity's so-called "thug party" were recently found on a website that caters to college students.

Officials said they have worked on improving race relations on the Waco campus after the fall party where at least one student who attended came with her face darkly bronzed to imitate a black person.

Several members of the Sigma Alpha Epsilon fraternity were said to have organized and attended the party, which was held off campus. The university has no fraternity or sorority houses and the university officials said they didn't know the party took place.

However, a few weeks ago freshman Deandre Upshaw found photos of the party on the college website

"It was very offensive," he said. "This is 2006 and I believe people need to realize this is not acceptable. It's not cool." The campus NAACP chapter said those who participated at the party should not be expelled, but should be educated.

"As a whole the organization needs to be...fined and take diversity classes, and be even suspended until they get their acts together," said Melissa Perry.

School officials said the girl who used the bronzer on her face has expressed remorse.

"She is very repentant and very sorry for what she did," said Dub Oliver, dean for student development. "None of them sought to offend anyone but they did."




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