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White racist government officials using Black's tax dollars to 'curse' Blacks!

Ah, yes the white racist fiends can't help but show themselves demonic in their doings towards Black America. Here it is 2004 and what is the news but that the Santa Barbara prosecuting office hired a PR firm to fight Michael Jackson. Using tax payer's dollars which include Black's tax paying dollars the first thing they did was accuse Michael of being a member of the Nation of Islam. In other words, they alone, to coin their demonic phrase, 'played the race card.'

This they did to incite the what the Bible would call 'demonic' nature of whites against Michael Jackson. They also threw out another slight via seeking to link Mike with Johnnie Cochran. So to bring up that wound they carry because O.J. Simpson was rightly found Not Guilty. God bless that jury.

That they are using 'racism' proves their racist demonic nature. That they would curse the Nation of Islam that wonderful organization proves that they are ever harrassing blacks just like the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan said they were.

The MJ case has brought out the true demonic nature of whites in power. It just proves they are hate-filled, psychoes who are not fit to have power over anyone specifically African/Americans.

The fact is, the 'conspiracy' to make America as white wing as their demonic founding fathers had it, is proven true by their actions. This coupled with making the face of terrorism 'black' just proves those demons are quite conspiratorial and only a fool would blind themselves to this reality.

The key to combatting their madness is for blacks to mann their station and denounce their evil. Call on NAACP, SCLC and other black organizations to hold news conferences denouncing the white racist prosecution for their 'racist' antics. After all what have the black men and women of NOI to do with the charges and the validity thereof?

Call on the black press to unite and vociferously denounce such evil. Use the power of the Internet to rage against such madness. By any means necessary get involved and make a difference.

This is a satanic group of white racist and their actions must be annihilated.
By the way, Michael Jackson has shown himself one skilled warrior in sticking it to his enemies may he prevail and may the pit the 'conspirators' dug for him be their grave pit.
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If MJ was such a skilled warrior he wouldn't be in this spot in the first place. Why a city government office would hire a PR firm is beyond me, they are there to prove guilt by providing evidence not winning the PR battle.

But the truth still is that MJ put himself in this position, and while the parents of that child should have their parental rights examined for allowing the behavior, MJ was wrong even if nothing happened. To compound his problems the guy went on TV and still throught that what he had done was ok, public opinion of his actions should at the very least made him rethink his position and his statements.
Jazzdog is right. This is a case of law, not of public relations. Nevertheless, MJ is not on trial for breaking a cultural rule of public relations but for child abuse. Whether he is guilty remains to be seen. POR, while accusing the (tired refrain of) "white demons" (lessee, doesn't Louis Farrakhan call them "white devils"? Then POR parrots his line), of already condemning him, for her part already judges him innocent before the trial, and apparently for racial reasons also.

Therefore, since she does the same thing for the same reason--even if she arrives at the opposite opinion--she is just as "demonic" as they are.

By the way, POR, even though this is a stock phrase of yours, the "Bible" never uses the term "demonic white racism," nor does it speak of "the demonic nature of whites." Can you name one place where it does?

Wrong again? Imagine that.

It's not a case of racism, POR. Wrong again.

Jazzdog's thought is the interesting one: why would a prosecutor's office hire a PR firm for a trial?

Assuming that the people in the prosecutor's office are reasonably intelligent, did someone conclude that, as public as MJ has been for years, and as much good will as he has generated over the decades since the Jackson Five, it would be hard to find for a jury people who do not already have a settled opinon of MJ that would make it hard to prosecute?

Do they remember that Johnnie Cochran was heard saying before jury selection for the OJ trial, "Just give me one black female"? And didn't OJ lose the subsequent civil trial? So there's still a question about his guilt. God bless whichever jury your biases say was right?

This I think played a very big part in the decision of the prosecutor's office to hire a PR firm. I'm not sure that they want anyone guilty going free on their watch.

I believe that Jazzdog disagrees with this; I also think that this is a bad move. Better that a guilty man be set free--like OJ, who has yet to find Nicole's killer even though he has searched every golf course in the county--than an innocent man be condemned. The prosecutor's office should abide by every letter of the law, which, like the Constitution of the US, protects citizens from the power of the state. I fear that to hire a PR firm is to try influence the outcome of the trial by manipulating public opinion, opinion that could very well be represented on the jury. That breaks the intent of the law if not the very wording of it. Just because it's legal doesn't mean it's moral. Give Michael his day in court without playing games with his future and his life.

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