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There is a new white power forum over at:

At the moment they are calling it a 'free speech' forum and are letting any message that is posted stand. They think that their ideology is strong enough to withstand any truths that people might bring them, so.....
If you have a thick skin (lots of very offensive stuff there of course) go on over and give them a peice of your mind.
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I may be silly but I am no rabbit. Smile
I have been trying to debate various issues with these pathologicals at ANOTHER board for a year now, and they have the very annoying habit of deleting anything that is oppposed to their ideas while letting the numbskull "anti-racist's" posts through....all this to perpetrate the illusion that there is not anyone with any intelligence opposed to
When I saw this "free speech" forum I started salivating.....

So I, as a descendant of indentured servents who were fooled by the invented "black" and "white" simplifications of human diversity, I invite some of my fellow Americans to come and educate these dolts about the 400+ year history of Africans in America.

See you there.
Why would we debate with idiots that write things like this.....

This was posted by a poster name "white girl" you know how some of the brothers love "white girls"

"What's screwed up is that Marchin Lootin Coon is the only Ameircan to have a holiday in his honor. The country used to celebrate both Washington's and Lincoln's birthdays, but they were merged into the generic "President's Day". This has been pointed out several times, and President'd Day was created so as not to honor any presidents above the others, but they know the niggers would raise hell if MLK Day wasn't honored (falong with a whole month of "black history"), so we're stuck with it.

Anyway, all a holiday really is anymore is another day off from work or school, so make your own. When I was a kid, we never celebrated "National Nigger Day" as my dad called it, but we'd have a "James Earl Ray Day" celebration and were taught about the white men and women who were killed or jailed for opposing the "civil rights" movement. As I got older, it became a day to put out fliers and recruit. Turn holidays like this into something productive, and make your own calender on the computer if you want, taking holidays like MLK day out, and adding white holidays in."

a response to her writings from a knuckle head name Randolph:

"White Girl, a great positive approach to a holiday none of us wanted"

Sorry White Kid, trying to debate with these fools would be a waste of time, plus we trying to get our own house in order.

"We got to organize ourselves, We got to mobilize and there can't be no confusion in our collective solution, If not for ourselves, then for our kids, because we know who our enemy is!"

DPZ "for the hood"

More to come later!

Your Brother Faheem
White Kid,

I think that you better read through this site some more, and you will find that there is enough debate with certain black posters here that are just regurgitating white racist America's rhetoric by replacing certain words, yet having the same beliefs, political philosophies, and racist mythological assumptions about African Americans.
Thank you for your replies.

I certainly would not expect you to reply to anything like that. I was thinking more along the lines of historical articles/links that you came across and were posting here anyway. There are many lost causes posting on those forums but there are also alot of young kids that read and maybe post or maybe don't. They are very impressionable and the white racists have a cultish way of getting them to only consume their racist psuedo science and psuedo history. ie getting them to believe that all of academia is against the white man and anything anywhere is "anti-white" propaganda unless it explicitly matches their views. IMHO the best antidote to this stuff is an articulate person in their face disagreeing with them.

I can certainly understand you wanting to get your own house in order though..that is basically what I am trying to do Smile

I sure will. Thank you.
I really think that anyone using their energy to try and engage those people in debate is truly wasting their time.

Most of those topics are just hate-filled. They are not truly about debate, and engaging other people's minds. These people are simply looking for others who think just like they do, people who will simply reinforce what they already believe.

I wouldn't bother with it if I were you. They will simply counter everything you put up their with hatred, anger and illogic.
Originally posted by Anaksanamun:
ROTFLMBAO!! Nmaginate, bruh, you're killing me. Somebody please help me up off the flo!

That's one of my standard responses to things like that. You know...
"Tricks Are For Kids"

For all I know, White Kid might be a good guy. I dunno... But if he thinks that we have a desire to engage those FREE SPEECHERS in debate then he obviously has made a miscalculation.

(I won't even ponder what his true motivation might be... hmmmm... angel Oops!)
Big Grin

My screen name is 'Nayo'. I am new to the board, although I have been an avid reader of all of the posts for about a month now. I will start my first post here by responding to the 'White Power Free Speech Forum'. I made the mistake of going there. Do not, I repeat do not even deign to tap into that link. It is 'pure' unadulterated evil. My eyes began to bleed and twitch, with each post that I read. Oh the horror, of the lack of humanity!

This is a trick. However, for those not faint of heart, should you 'visit' that site, just remember that 'perfect love casts out evil'sin.
The overriding truth is the majority of white people are so full of themselves and they are fooling themselves. They are usually too IGNORANT for their own failure ( morals, values, ethics, wisdom), therefore they push the 'negroes' men and women to prostitute themselves with them to the detriment of the Black race. The close-minded, racist and naïve people from this message board you promote are the kind of cancer that grows in the heart of the so-called western CIVILIZATION. Their nature is to practice, which they were made to do dehumanizing and murdering Black people.

So there is no way fine-ass looking and educated brothas like us will waste our time or even think about partaking in discussions with people deprived of decency and all conceivable intellectual faculties. Let them fooled themselves into their own pretentious aberration. Tell them to leave us ALONE to agree with our own! There is not a second, not a particle of our dignity we should spoil with the Enemy. We need all our skills, creativity, time, physical and intellectual strength to educate, unite and build a future for ourselves, that will have a big impact in the Black race's future!


[This message was edited by Afroman on December 09, 2003 at 11:37 AM.]

(I won't even ponder what his true motivation might be... hmmmm

Well I will ponder it. Most of the Black posters of this board, came here to read and provide information of importance to Black people, without the interuptus of racist trolls. I believe that white kid knows this, that is why he is here--to divide us from ourselves, to spirit away our postivity and bring it down to a level of garbage, to keep up a hatred in our hearts and minds and to fuel the fires of hell over at this other board.

I have seen this kind of thing happen all to often. Whenever Black people find a place of encouragement and fixedness, here come the destroyers to break it up. As we all know from past experiences, the trolls usually horn in on our act and try to bring down our boards from within. However, this is the very first time I have seen the trolls come to recruit us to give their sucking holes some credence. They must be getting very desperate that Black people have lost interest in playing their psyche mind games. As long as we engage them on their level, they have control of us--they know where we are and what we are doing and how we think. They can push our buttons, reduce us to the level of an angry mob, all the while, wasting our time and keeping us from persuing the higher spirituality that defines us.

I believe white kid was sent here, by the illuminati to feel us out, see if the fish will bite and take as many of us back with him as he can. Not only that, I will bet that either he or others are at this minute trying to grab other Black people from other boards.

I will say this to you, white kid, you have knocked on the wrong door. You need to go over to the BET message board, where jew-owned Viacom is kicking Black people off, for progressing the Black race, while allowing people like your board buddies to stay, insult, disparage, and generally bring down the minds of Black people. But let me give you fair warning; Those Black people at BET, who have managed to hang on and are fighting the war, are pretty pissed off because their threads are being erased, and their friends are getting banned. I don't believe you will get much of a welcome there either. But, feel free, to scoop up them hate monger trolls and add them to your new collection of recruits. But don't expect them to stay. Unless they find Black people there, who are willing to get in the gutter with them, they will leave that board, just like they did at first, and go out to find boards like this one, to give them a fight.
Don't worry CropCM,

This is not and will never be another
However, this is the very first time I have seen the trolls come to recruit us to give their sucking holes some credence.
Yeah... that is a pretty lame angle, huh? sleep

I don't know about the Illuminati stuff but there seems to be some strange attraction to and some type of Flocking Syndrome that draws them to Black message boards.

The cause of that disorder must have something to do with this:
    TIM WISE: "...for whites, our self-definition is wrapped up entirely in terms of what and who we aren't. What it means to be white, then, is simply not be the "other." And for that to have any meaning whatsoever there first must be an "other."
To be honest, when I went to that site, I laughed through a majority of the threads. The authors were clearly "whackos."

All except for one poster, whose thread sent shivers down my spine. His thread took the majority of the site's posters to task calling them "cyber-warriors" in their "lone wolf fantasies." He wrote off their obsession with apocalyptic race-wars, bombings, shootings and all, as fantasy-based drivel that will never come to pass. He stated (quite correctly) that should they run around bombing and shooting on any large scale, White folks that feared the destruction/disruption of the infra-structure that makes their life so comfortable would be among the first to take up arms to quell any "revolution."

Rather, he advised that White folk abstain from drug and/or alcohol abuse; get an education, or a better education; get a job, or a better one; start a business, or grow the one you have; practice cooperative economics with like-minded folks; find and marry quality mates, and have plenty of children, teaching those children to be proud of their heritage and legacy.

Does any of this sound familiar? Can anyone argue that this prescription is not a formula for radical change?

I've never really be concerned with the whacko fringe element, that run around wearing sheets and fatigues, preaching armed revolution. They are easily recognized and largely written off as whackos by the very people they are trying to influence. I am more concerned with the David Dukes, Rush Limbaughs and Ward Connellys of the world. Those folks that put forth seemingly reasoned arguments that seem reasonable to insecure middle america White folk.
Rather, he advised that White folk abstain from drug and/or alcohol abuse; get an education, or a better education; get a job, or a better one; start a business, or grow the one you have; practice cooperative economics with like-minded folks; find and marry quality mates, and have plenty of children, teaching those children to be proud of their heritage and legacy.

Does any of this sound familiar? Can anyone argue that this prescription is not a formula for radical change?
That would be the reason way - on a human level - that I have no real problem with [Poor] WHITE POWER. It's the fact that they see "others" as their enemies or the reason why they have little or no esteem among their more affluent "brethren".

They should recognize that at least by some estimation their economic condition is Paux Americana. Anytime there's an idea/concept called "White Trash" which is used loosely in class terms as well as other ways about people, in general, whose only "sin" is being poor/poorer then their status is made customary.

I reject the concept of any people being "Throw-Away People" - i.e. "trash"

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