On a C-Span show called "The Washington Journal," a caller raised eyebrows by stating that too many black people are calling in to the show. The caller, a guy named "Bill," who is a North Carolina Republican, stated that C-Span should change their name to "Black-Span," because "if they [African Americans] are only 10 or 12 percent of the population, there's no way they seem to be 80 percent of your callers."

Bill, who actually doesn't sound like a dumb person, goes on to say that "Every one of 'em [African Americans] thinks that Obama is Jesus Christ and they don't like when anybody criticizes him."

I listened to Bill's comments carefully, because I didn't think he was coming out of left field. Bill's theory was that it wasn't an accident that so many of the C-Span callers just happen to be black. He speculated that he and other conservatives would grow tired of watching C-Span if they didn't make changes to the callers that were allowed to get through the line. One could easily write Bill off as just another North Carolina yahoo who doesn't know how to keep his mouth shut. In fact, that's probably what he is, to a point. His language certainly fails the test of political correctness, and his use of broad generalizations is incredibly problematic.

But when we take a deeper look at Bill's comments, we can notice the following:

1) Bill's thoughts are not uncommon, especially in places like North Carolina: There is quite a bit of latent racial hostility all throughout the country toward theAfrican-American community and President Obama. Much of this hostility is thinly disguised as a populist movement. The truth is, though, that Bill was one of the few conservatives brave enough to say some of the things that millions of others are thinking.

2) Bill is right that African Americans are in love with Obama: I don't believe in falling in love with a politician. It's like falling in love with a corporation or writing poetry for your pimp. The truth is that African-American support for Obama crosses the line of objective analysis and goes in to the category of idealistic fascination. That is the recipe for disaster in American politics, since our unconditional support significantly weakens our negotiating position with the White House. That's why the fight between Al Sharpton and Tavis Smiley might actually be a good thing for the African-American community.

3) There is a good chance that Bill is also right about the probabilities of African Americans calling in to the show: Bill's points that there are far too many black callers on the show and that "there's no way this is an accident" could be correct. It could be the case that there is either a concerted effort for large numbers of people to call in to the show or that the producers are deliberately choosing to pipe through callers who provide dissenting opinions. Either way, show producers typically incorporate their own biases when choosing which voices get to be heard. Networks also show their biases by infrequently hiring African Americans to host major shows on their networks. CNN, for example, has Nancy Grace, Jane Valez Mitchell, Anderson Cooper and Wolf Blitzer, but will there ever be a show called "Roland Martin" or "Donna Brazile"?

 Probably not for a very long time.

So, while I don't agree with Bill's ideology and I certainly believe that he is treading in dangerous water, the truth is that Bill is probably mildly accurate in his statements. At the very least, he deserves credit for being honest. So, rather than attacking Bill and getting angry, because he makes reference to the black callers on the show, I actually find his use of freedom of speech to be quite refreshing. As long as everyone has a voice, it is almost always OK for people to say what they truly believe.

Open Link: Here is the video if you'd like to watch:

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Okay ... my first thought while reading this was that whoever wrote it was an idiot!   Then I clicked the link and found out I was right .... Boyce Watkins is one of those people who really does need his head examined!    In fact, he reminds me a lot of Noah. 

Anyone who watches "The Washington Journal" or any other C-SPAN show knows that calls are pretty much evenly rotated between Dems, Repubs and Independents, as there is a call-in line for each group, and the host of the show allows one caller from each group to speak and then moves on to the next one.

Cholly ... it would be nice if the next time you decided to post one of Dr. Watkin's commentaries, you precede it with something like, "WARNING:  DUMMY IN THE ROOM!" or some such so that I can be prepared to read nonsense!! 
This was a stupid commentary. Period. As an avid watcher of CSpan washington Journal for 10 years, I disagree with this 'observation'. And when all the white folks were calling into C-Span during the Clinton and Bush administrations, where was the criticism then? Boyce Watkins needs to shut up.

It’s interesting how people call other idiots, but then do not demonstrate how the person is wrong in what they say. How about just saying that you disagree and not call someone an idiot, if you cannot intelligently refute what they are saying? 


The problem here is that biased people have a hard time dealing with an objective point of view. People on this forum act as if rpublicans are the only ones who act like nuts, make violent references against Presidents, show hate for the government under certain leadership and the like. Well….I posted pictures, which are worth a thousand words, showing left wing nuts doing the same damn thing and biased Negroes don’t have jack slit to say in response to those pictures. Some of are simply wilfully ignorant. You cannot handle the truth.


This ignorance and bias, on BOTH damn sides, is going to lead to violent conflict. Mark my words.  There will be violent political unrest in this nation in the not too distant future and it will be because of the ignorance from the right and the ignorance from the left, which is on full display up in here.

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Well, this guy has no point. Period. He can't even substatiate his view. And neither can you Noah. Whites barely watch C-Span let alone blacks watch C-Span.. what the hell? Boyce Watkins is just wrong and can't stand by his statements OR those of the caller "Bill". Oh Oh I know "Bill" must be racist white supremacist!
The caller, a guy named "Bill," who is a North Carolina Republican, stated that C-Span should change their name to "Black-Span," because "if they [African Americans] are only 10 or 12 percent of the population, there's no way they seem to be 80 percent of your callers."

This is ridiculous. Obviously this cracker would have no problems with people (preferably whites) calling the program and condemning Obama for whatever reasons. I find it so disingenuous that white conservative like Bill have issues with blacks showing support for the president while gleefully supporting and high fiving his contemporaries when listening to Glenn Beck, Sean Hannity and Rush Limbaugh relentlessly condemning and haranguing Obama. To ease his frustration and bitterness, I suggest he switch from watching CSPAN and turn to FOX Channel news where he can watch all the anti-Obama rants and white nationalist calls for “taking back our country”….

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