A columnist/commentator pointed out in a recent release that Attorney General Eric Holder DID NOT say the cowards he referenced were 'white'.

He said 'we'....Americans.

The knee-jerk reaction of the objectors...typically 'white'...ASSUMED...the 'Americans' were 'white'.

Implicit in that ASSUME is that 'Americans' are 'white'.

As 'K41' says, 'white' is the default definition of 'American'.


I was not paying attention.

So...I made the ASSUMPTION too.


I've have GOT TO rid of those societal blinders I am burdened with.


Jim Chester
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Original Post
The REAL Americans are White.

We are honorary Americans as long as we serve the purposes of the REAL Americans.

It is of course an HONOR to be an honorary American.

We need REAL Americans to tell us what HONOR is.

Of course this makes it somewhat difficult to explain to them that they are STUPID.

It is also a problem when the honorary Americans don't think the REAL Americans are STUPID.

JWC, you don't have blinders on, White people do.

"We" meant "them" and Whites know that when they heard Holder say it.

Racism is the original & sole creation of, for and by Whites in this country and they knowly "assumed" it because to each White man, woman & child, they know that it's all true.

And yes they are cowards. They have all prospered via racism in all faucets of life and they want no one to upset that dynamic.

Maybe the chickens are coming home to roost. tfro

Blacks aren't bitchin' & moanin' about what Holder said, Whites are.

We acknowledge it, Whites forcefully resist it so if they feel shocked, uncomfortable and ashamed about it, so be it.

They need to all just STFU, get their heads out of their asses and get their collective shit together. tfro
I was really impressed with the observation...the insight of the columnist.

I/We overlook this kind of thing.

A general statement gets converted into a 'playing the race card' interpretation, and I/we are not...aware...enough to both recognize, and call it for what it is.

That default interpretation of European significance, coupled with our simultaneous failure to recognize our own significance in the interpretation.

I...again...see this as a lack of recognizing our identity.

By that I mean, we subbordinate ourselves...particularly when in a comparative situation to others.

We, typically, revert into the color-construction of our society...which immediately subordinates is in every circumstance.

In the words of 'The Black Eagle' we 'devalue, minimize, and marginalize' ourselves.

Our sense-of-self subordinates us.


Jim Chester

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