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"I'm just trying to make a way out of no way, for my people" -Modejeska Monteith Simpkins









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NSpirit posted:

We got a lot of cooning rappers being celebrated

I definitely agree.  

I used to say, "Well, they are so young and immature, what do they know", but really many of these so-called "gangsta-rappers" are damn near my age and are still out there promoting the White Racist Propaganda Machine, or are the direct link to all of the young, immature Rappers corruption, destruction and/or gross desecration of the genre.  

[P.S.:  It's very good to have you back, NSpirit!]

RadioRaheem posted:

from Mr. Neely Fuller 20 December 2016

Neely Fuller Jr- Constantly Monitoring Black People

Excerpts worth posting:


The Interracial Con Game

Is Black-On-Black Love Taboo?

From reality and trash-talk TV shows to sensationalized interracial relationship books, movies, and Internet articles, blacks are BOMBARDED by a daily barrage of negative (and false) information about black-on-black love.

On the heels of all this “black love is bad” news comes the mainstream media’s manufactured cure: interracial relationships.

What is the REAL agenda behind the Interracial Con Game and why are blacks the main targets? “Debunking the Top Ten Interracial Myths” will provide some interesting — and controversial answers — and some long overdue food for thought.

Table of Contents



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Interracial Con Game Table of Contents

Table of Contents



  • Is Black Love Taboo (In A White Supremacy Society)?

The White Supremacy Chess Game

  • Dr. Welsing On White Supremacy & The Game Of Chess
  • What Is Racism/White Supremacy?
  • Black Power In A White Supremacy System
  • A White Supremacy “Fairy Tale”

Game Objective: TOTAL White Domination

  • Game Objective: TOTAL White Domination

Playing The White Side of The Chess Board

  • The United Independent White Supremacist Conduct Code (the UIWSCC)
  • White Privilege
  • Using Code Words In A White Supremacy System
  • The Universal Conduct Code For White Males (In A White Supremacy System)
  • Don’t Snitch! (On Other White People!)

Playing The Wrong Side of The Chess Board (Why the Black Side Is Losing)

  • Curse of a Dark Skin And White Eyes: The White-Identified Black
  • The Color Of Success

The White Side Plays (Hard Ball) Offense

  • The Interracial Con Game

The Darker Side Of Interracial Sex

  • A Short History Of The Rape Of Black Females
  • “Black Jezebel” AKA – “A White Man’s Whore”
  • The Black Male AKA Black “Mandingo”
  • Sex In Senegal: Sexual Vampires White Supremacy Style
  • Seven Reasons White Females Pursue Black Males
  • The Homosexual (Racist) White Male
  • Consent OR Coercion? The Connection Between Slavery, Rape, and Sex Between Blacks & Whites
  • 13 Hardcore Reasons Blacks “Consent” To Sex With Whites
  • Letters From A World-Weary Brother

The (Black) Queen Sacrifice

  • My Kind Of Sista

Checkmate The (Black) King

  • Omar Thornton Should Be A Wake-Up Call For Black America
  • The Balloon And The Basket
  • For Black Folks Who Think Race Doesn’t Matter

Playing the Right (Black) Side of the Chess Board (How the Black Side Can Win)

  • Neely Fuller, Jr On NO SEX Between Blacks and Whites
  • 13 Reasons Conscious Blacks Oppose (And Avoid) Interracial Relationships
  • A More Just Black Male & Black Female Perspective

A Tribute To Black Love

  • A Black Woman’s Tribute To Her Naturally Nappy, Beautiful Black Man
  • A Black Man’s Tribute To His Naturally Nappy, Beautiful Black Woman
  • Harlem Sweeties — a Poem By Langston Hughes

 Black Love Counter Warfare

  • 13 Counter Warfare Strategies


  • Recommended Reading/Viewing
  • Index


Interracial Con Game Excerpt


The term — “Conscious Blacks” — does not mean one black person is intellectually or morally superior to another. For the purposes of this book, a “Conscious Black” is a black male or female who embraces some or all of the following (detailed in this chapter):

  • Agrees that we live under a global system of people who classify themselves as white, and are dedicated to abusing, and or subjugating everyone in the known universe whom they classify as not white.
  • Agrees that the biggest problem on the planet is racism/white supremacy
  • Makes some effort by his or her thoughts, speech, and actions to eliminate the system of white supremacy
  • Is “black-identified” — meaning they view the world through a “black perspective” that validates self, respects self, and promotes self AND group interests
  • Does not confuse “assimilation/integration” with whites as “black progress” or “racial equality”
  • Understands that blacks “assimilating” into a white supremacy system is “subjugation” NOT “integration”
  • Understands that blacks who control nothing cannot be “equal” (in power) to whites who control everything
  • Does not elevate blacks with a white parent as superior to blacks who have two black parents — and does not praise blacks for looking more white than black
  • Does not blame poor blacks (the biggest victims of white supremacy) for being poor and black.
  • Does not blame black people for the crimes of the white supremacy system
  • Understands that knowing AND respecting their history is the KEY to black liberation
  • Understands that the ONLY true ally of the black male is the black female and the ONLY true ally of the black female is the black male
  • Understands that the FAMILY is the foundation of every human society
  • Understands that RESTORING THE BLACK FAMILY should be the number one priority of the black collective
  • Understands that an authentic BLACK FAMILY is composed of a black man, a black woman, and a black child (or black children)
  • Understands that it takes strong, committed black males and black females to build strong black families
  • Understands that it takes strong black families to build strong black communities
  • Understands that it takes strong black communities to build strong black business/economic bases
  • Understands that WITHOUT strong black families, strong black communities, and strong black business/economic bases, the black collective lacks the tools for prosperity, security, AND survival
  • Understands that none of the above is possible without BLACK UNITY
  • Understands that OPPOSING INTERRACIAL SEX has NOTHING to do with hating white people
  • Understands that opposing (and avoiding) interracial sex is necessary to ensure the economic, political, genetic, and psychological SURVIVAL of blacks in America
  • Understands that interracial sex (dating, breeding, and marriage) should be avoided/opposed because it destroys black UNITY
  • Understands that a black person in a relationship with a person who is NOT black is STILL having an INTERRACIAL relationship. All “people of color” are not the same. If there is any doubt, try the following two experiments:

Experiment #1: go to a “person of color” who is NOT black and ask if they consider themselves “black.”

Experiment #2: go to any brown, red, or yellow community and try to open a business. Your “Going Out Of Business” sign should be all the proof any reasonable “black” person needs.

  • Understands that a black person who DELIBERATELY seeks a relationship with a white OR a non-black male or female, has a black inferiority complex and has submitted to white supremacy – even if that non-black person is NOT white
  • Understands that interracial sex (dating, breeding, and marriage) between blacks and whites should be opposed (and avoided) until the system of racism/white supremacy has been destroyed

Reason #1: Interracial Sex Has Been Used Historically By Europeans To Divide and Conquer Non-White Nations

As the authors have attempted to demonstrate throughout this entire book, interracial sex is simply a CONTINUATION of the sexual exploitation of Africans that began during the first European invasions of Africa and the enslavement of African men and women.

For hundreds of years, interracial sex has been used by Europeans against non-whites to divide and conquer non-white nations; to dilute (destroy) their genetics, culture, and heritage, and to introduce mulatto “advocates” that will be white-identified and bred to serve the needs and the whims of the white supremacists. The English, Spanish, Portuguese, and French destroyed entire nonwhite populations by introducing selected white females to the non-white male “natives.”

Two things happened:

1. Biological warfare in the form of STDs and sexual epidemics by having sex with Europeans.

2. Social stratification by the elevation of the mulatto (half-white/ half-black), which led to conflict and division among the native populations. Through this use of sexual manipulation by Europeans, entire non-white societies were destroyed, because the family was the extension of the nation and all that it stood for.

“The melting pot of the races began around the northern perimeter. The end result was always the same: The Blacks were pushed to the bottom of the social, economic, and political ladder whenever the Asians (meaning whites) and their mulatto offspring gained control. This scheme of weakening the Blacks by turning their half-white brothers against them cannot be overemphasized because it began in the early times and it became the universal practice of whites, and is still one of the cornerstones in the edifice of white power….” — Chancellor Williams, Destruction of Black Civilization — Chapter II: Ethiopia’s Oldest Daughter: Egypt. pg. 61.

Reason #2: Interracial Sex Destroys The Bond Between The Black Male And Black Female

Since black males are more likely than black females to date and marry whites, black males are more likely to break the traditional covenant between the male and female of EVERY ethnic group. When the Unconscious Black Male uplifts, protects, and provides for the white female – at the expense of the black female — he foolishly alienates his ONLY TRUE ALLY in a white supremacy system: the black female.

Try To Imagine The Following Scenario:

Palestinian males – who are engaged in a life and death struggle with the Israelis – bringing home Israeli brides when 45% of the Palestinian women are single, and where 70% of the Palestinian children are fatherless. Would any self-respecting Palestinian man who was fighting for the survival of his people put a bullet in the heads of those Palestinian men who put the welfare of their enemies above the welfare of their own women and children?

Would those Palestinian females respect a Palestinian male who ignored the SUFFERING AND MOUNTING CASUALTIES OF HIS OWN PEOPLE to bond with the women of his enemies? Or would the Palestinian women resent – even hate — these Palestinian men for their dangerous and foolish betrayal?

A Short Lesson In The Power Of Racial UNITY

Even though white males, collectively, mistreat their only ally – the white female — the white male makes sure that he treats the white female better than all non-white people to assure her loyalty to his agenda. The white male, collectively, NEVER uplifts the black, Hispanic, or Asian female above the white female EVEN WHEN HE DOES NOT SHARE HER BED.

Whatever benefits the white male receives from the spoils of white supremacy, the white female shares in those benefits. Whatever small (and insignificant) consideration he gives to the oppressed, non-white population – like affirmative action and “minority set-asides” – the white male makes sure that the white female gets the lion’s share of even those “benefits.”

In other words, the white female’s loyalty to the system of white supremacy is guaranteed by the generous benefits she receives – in comparison to non-whites. Therefore, the white female, collectively, understands she is better off supporting the white male’s economic and political agenda EVEN WHEN SHE DOES NOT SHARE HIS BED.

Do not be fooled by the disposable white female population (less than 5%) that breeds with and marries black males. They are seldom “prime” quality white females and actually serve a bigger purpose by neutralizing the non-white male population’s WILL to oppose white supremacy.

The same is true of the even smaller number of white males who breed with and marry black females, who also serve the same purpose of neutralizing the black female population’s will to oppose white supremacy. This disposable white female (and white male) population are invaluable in helping to maintain white supremacy because of the neutralizing effect they have on the will of oppressed blacks and non-whites to challenge the system.

However, if that “benefit” (called white privilege) ever disappears, the white female’s loyalty to the white male’s agenda will also disappear. She will then focus all her attention on her grievances with the white male.

A Short Lesson In The Powerlessness of Racial DISUNITY

When the black male uplifts the white female by offering her MORE emotional and financial support (benefits) than he offers the black female, the black female has no incentive to be loyal to the black male OR his agenda because she is NOT receiving the emotional OR financial benefits she rightfully deserves. She will then focus all her attention on her grievances with the black male.

In addition, the black female loses respect for black males collectively because they have FAILED TO FULFILL the role that ALL MEN must fulfill to be RESPECTED AS MEN: to protect AND provide for the women and children of their ethnic group.

Do not misunderstand the definition of “benefits.” This has nothing to do with gold-digging, materialism, fancy cars, jewelry, expensive homes, or “bling-bling.” This is about economic, social, and cultural SURVIVAL.

The males and females of every ethnic group have different roles in every human society. The male is the LEADER and the HEAD of every nation. The female is the BEARER OF CHILDREN, the nurturer, and the values-transferor for the next generation. To maintain HARMONY between the male and female, their complimentary roles must be fulfilled to the best of their ability.

When black males — collectively — break the sacred covenant between the male and female that has existed since the beginning of the human race, and PUBLICLY protects and provides for the females of his enemy, the black female RIGHTFULLY views those black males as her ENEMIES rather than her respected, cherished, and necessary ALLIES.

AXIOM #8: You cannot be an enemy AND an ally at the same time; NOR can you be an ally when it is beneficial and an enemy when it is not. If your position is unclear to your allies, the default position (enemy) will (and should) be chosen for you.

According to a study by V. Harpalani –‘Black Women’s Attitudes Toward Interracial Relationships’ — black females are the LEAST LIKELY to date or marry outside their race than any other demographic in America, and “…were the least accepting of interracial dating than any other racial group.” A different study by Fiebert noted that “…75% of black males said they would be willing to date outside their race.”

The black female’s (falsely) degraded image in a white supremacy society and her historic ABUSE and RAPE by white males collectively, often repels the white-status-seeking Unconscious Black Males who have bought into the LIE of white superiority/black inferiority without understanding that all black people — INCLUDING THEMSELVES — are considered “inferior” in a white supremacy system.

The Conscious Black Female realizes that as a black female in a white supremacy, black-hating, and female-hating society puts her at a GREATER risk of being sexually exploited by white and non-black males – hence the Conscious Black Female’s reluctance OR outright refusal to become sexually involved with them.

“Why I am not interested in dating white men? I am a U.S. born African woman, and have no choice but to see the white man as “superior” because white men have so much power. It seems that interracial dating is a function of white supremacy, white dominance in this society.We have to work for white companies and shop at white stores and watch white media (television, movies, magazines, radio, etc) which basically adds up to a lot of propaganda that white is right, white is perfect, white is solid gold, white is pure, and most importantly white is powerful and rich.

So it is very socially “practical” to desire whites as marriage partners.The only thing that stops me is the realization that his system is wicked in its inherent racism. I know that it will feed many white men’s egos if I submit to the idea of dating them and I don’t want to feed that. Plus, I know our kids would have to deal with the conflicts between blacks and whites as part of their internal struggle to identify with race.

I have read some books by mixed authors and they have stated something along the lines of “I am thankful that I was born but it can be so painful to be biracial” or “It’s like being torn between two worlds” or “split down the middle”. They worry about fitting in with different social groups/races and their parents often don’t talk about race or being mixed at all.” — Kopana, 32, writer

The small number of black females who date or marry white males are only a fraction of the number of black males who date and marry white females. Therefore, the black females who date or marry outside their race – often reluctantly — do not pose a serious threat to the stability or the survivability of the black family.

However, with the INCREASING INVOLUNTARY REMOVAL (prison and murder rates) and the VOLUNTARY DEFECTION (homosexuality and interracial relationships) of black males from the black dating pool, it is a PREDICTABLE CERTAINTY that more black females will date and marry outside their race.

In fact, the recent increase in black females who are dating and/or marrying white males is a DIRECT REACTION to missing-in-action black males, some of who have made their preference for anything BUT a black female known all over the world.

AXIOM #9: For every ACTION, there is a REACTION.

(The remaining eleven reasons are covered in the book)


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