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What's Really Being Requested?

Are same sex partners seeking the legality given to the partnership of the opposite sex or are same sex partners seeking the blessing of the State? Marriage is required according to the natural laws of humanity of the opposite sexes. The ceremony of matrimony does not only have the legal protections and eligibilities of times for this recognized opposite sex couple, but forms a nuptial bond between them, in comparison to the bond of Parenthood. The same sex cannot form a matrimony bond without conflicting with the natural same sex bond causing the purpose of existence to be unstable and un-natural.
Given blessing to a marriage instead acknowledging a union among the same sex is blasphemy and opposes civilization as it has been formed. Marriage is a sacrosanct and until another coming or the evolution of humans beyond humanity. Marriage must remain a sacrosanct, the domain of the opposite sexes.
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Originally posted by Blended2:

Marriage is a sacrosanct . . .

To whom? If more than half fail, can we really say that we embrace marriage as a sacred institution? Are we conveniently referring to it as such merely to support our political positions?

I wish it were! brosmile

There is no passion to be found playing small, in settling for a life
that is less than the one you are capable of living. - Mandela
Most of us do not make a marital committment with secrect intentions to fail at it. In some parts of Africa, a person may change marriage partners 3-4 times before dying. Does this mean the people within the culture undervalue the importance of marriage? Anyway, studies show that aside from financial hurdles, most marriages in America fail because of unrealistic expectations.

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This has nothing to do with someone imposing their "conservative laws" and/or "conservative religious beliefs" on another. I think the most obvious answer to your question is that anatomically the body is designed to reproduce other human beings, and in order to do this, we need the union of a vagina and a penis. However, Americans have created this psuedo "Freedom-Culture" where the people encourage themselves to be "foot-loose" and supposedly "free" to have any type of lifestyle they choose, even it is maladaptive and threatens their own survival.

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What about people who f-kk for fun and never have kids....should they be disallowed from sex....please.....f-king rightwingers are always trying to set others value system....when they talk that "God" bullshit and go back to being the racists and closet perverts they have always been.....from J edgar on down......even the guy who lead the impeachment against clinton had a mistress and an old lady.....from the beginning of this country until today....they are the biggest f-king band of hypocrites their are......they really make you wonder if there is a God....because of their is,......then they should all have a non-stop ticket to hell.........
"What about people who sleep around for fun and never have kids....should they be disallowed from sex?"

Kevin, interesting enough, the irresponsible people that "fukk for fun" are usually the ones having all the kids! Then, like irresponsible people would, they conveniently expect us with established families to clean up and pay for their awful mess, usually with our tax dollars and our peace of mind. Have you ever heard of the welfare system, foster care institutions, school psychologists, clinical psychologists, and the criminal justice system? These are where most of the children belonging to these people that never come to grips with reality end up. Like I said before, it has nothing to do with religion and everything to do with what brings stability to a community. We're not on this earth just to live for ourselves and reach orgasms. I can't even count how many children that I have taught who "accidently" sprang from the loins of people that once said they're "never going to get married" and "never have kids." Whatever. Unless both you and your partner is barren or sterile, they're just no such thing as fukking for fun, only fukking until you get married or get a kid. Whatever comes first. So why not acknowledge and deal with all of the responsibilities that comes with having sex now, than later.

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