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My name is pretty common and I've always felt that my parents didn't put much thought into naming me. They already had kids, so maybe they were running out of names? Roll Eyes

go figure.

When it came time for me to have a child, my ex husband and I bought a book of African names. . .

we wanted my daughter's name to be unique & special and a reflection of her heritage.

I tell my daughter that a lot of thought, a lot of love & inspiration went into naming her.

Her middle name is in honor of my nephew, and through her his name lives on.

Yep, her name is pretty special. . .

and that's the [true] story I tell her. 4
I'm a "III".

My name is my father's name... and my grandfather's name.

The tradition in my family is that the first born son gets the father's name. But, to distinguish each other we all have nick-names. The nick-name is chosen by the mother. The "check and balance" of it, is that the grandmother (father's mother) can veto the proposed nick-name. It's a good thing too... because if not for my grandmother vetoing my mother's first choice, my nick-name would've been Garth! sck

As it is... I'm happy with what I've got. Smile
My name is not my name. Although, Iwas named by my mother and father, people of the elder age rarely us my name. It's always "aren't you so-in-so's daughter". After that becomes known they start calling me a smaller version of my mother or fathers name. For example "little Susie" or "little C".This can become annoying, but it's the way people reconizes a person or identify a person. My name becomes important when it comes to marriage. That's why my last name becomes my middle name when it come to marriage.It's like cindy smith jones.
There is no sugnificant meaning behind my first name. My mother pretty much just picked a name that sounded good to her.
A funny story however is that the entire time that my mother was pregnant, my father called me "George" because he wanted a boy. Once I was born he couldn't pronounce the first name that my mother gave me so until this day everyone in my family calls me by my middle name.
Our names help us to either excel or crash and burn in life...

Names are important in our family and are usually derived from the combination of other family member's names.

When I decided upon my son's name, I utilized all facets of my heritage, my connection to the spirit and the input of several of my close family members and friends.

"Wisdom Is A Named Woman!"

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