Just curious? Some, none, whatever?
Are there any in your MP3/CD collection. And if not, why not?
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I was guessing, but we don't say muso here!

I like alot of that alternative music, 3 Doors Down, Maroon 5, Nickelback, Disturbed...there's ALOT to name, so I won't.

Also gotta love Kenny G...the coolest white saxophonist on earth man.
Big Grin

I'm sure I'm missing alot. Maybe I'll come back later. Can't think...must eat...
Cream, Tom Waits, Yes, Paul Simon,Van Morrison,Pink Floyd,Grand Funk Railroad, Anita O'Day, RAge Against the Machine.
RAge Against the Machine.


Stanley Clark, Bonny James, Kako Matsui, Norman Brown,

What I miss are real bands with horn sections - Earth, Wind, and Fire, Cameo
I'm just starting to get into maroon 5. I never really listened to them before but after i heard adam levine on the wild horses duet he did with alicia keys and on my favorite song off of Kayne west new CD I got interested. he's got an interesting sound.
I like fiona apple, nelly furtado, shakira(sometimes), I like greenday every now and then.
aah... if only I'd been around to see The Doors play alive (and on the right continent, I might add) Jim Morrison.... now THERE was a dude.... before the beard + lard at least.

Yep Ramstein gets played (is that the right word?) on radio here. As for the Beatles - I'm over them. Saturation-of-our-nation.
Thanks for all the interesting responses - and, thanks for responding!!

I've been quite suprised that a few of you really like Kenny G - he doesn't promote his cds or tour here much since the late 80's, so I don't know what he's playing live these days.

The thing I love most about music is that it is both a unique personal, individual expression of creativity (celebration of life or a political statement) AND a universal language.

I like quite a diverse selection of music. I know I couldn't live without music. Usually one of the reasons I travel to a particular place overseas is to hear the music. Smile music
um yeah... I sort of figured we ALL had a list of black music/musicians.

I was curious about who - if ANY - white musos got African Americans' feet tappin'.

That was the question. Not about who is better'n'who. Like... I wondered if ANY white muso's even hit the radar. Understand? Smile
I would have to say Kraftwerk; they were huge back in middle school when I used to breakdance. And Depeche Mode.
I saw Kraftwerk for the first time 'live' when they toured Australia around 2 years ago. They still 'have it' (Europe Endless/Electricity). What was really cool-as was to see their audio-visual with old computer graphics and symbols, lol. Very retro. tfro
Art gurl there's alot of more Black rock bands out there. A whole list. I wish Rage against the Machine would come back. I forgot to metion Fishbone and Sevendust.
Originally posted by StaryeYenightess:
Art gurl there's alot of more Black rock bands out there. A whole list.

of course! Smile
Originally posted by StaryeYenightess:
I'm a big fan of Red Hot Chilli Peppers and Fall out Boys. Blink 182, Linkin Park, Korn were my faviorte back in High School.

now you're on it. Wink
I am really digging on this new british singer james blunt. he has a song out called "your beautiful." It's kind of weird sounding but something about it caught my attention right away not to mention him stripping naked in the snow on his video.
could you at least READ threads before you post?

what's your freakin point?

the question, one more time...


gee whiz, why would I ask that question on an African American site? Ummmmmmmm.... maybe coz I am curious.

You want to start a thread that asks "what black muso's get you movin'" then just do it. Hey... it's really easy to do.
Originally posted by StaryeYenightess:
Are you one of those crazy people. That think Blacks should only listen to Urban radio and music.

Just ignore 'him' gurl. Since your last visit, it's been revealed he's a dimwit troll. Roll Eyes Smile
I like Moby too - seen him live a few times and have a few cds.

OK... I guess I should put up some names. I have a large collection of music from a lot of different cultures and music styles from PiL to Torv Gustavsen Trio to Kenny Dorhan and Herbie Hancock.

Here's a few, old and new white bands...
Australia: Nick Cave, Ed Keupper, PNAU, Deepchild, Vince Jones, Cut Copy
NZ: Strawpeople
US: Thievery Corporation, Moby, Pixies, Joe Jackson, Wolf Mother
UK: The Cure, The The, The Au Pairs, Stoned Roses
First and foremost, Metalica till death. tfro

After that the list gets long and complicated. 3 Doors Down, Matchbox 20, Rage Against the Machine, Pearl Jam, Depeche Mode, Nickleback, Nine Inch Nails, Papa Roach. That's just off the top of my head.
I have to give you credit on this thread, art_gurl. You specifically asked about white musicians. You did not ask about white music. By asking the question the way you did, it was easy to answer. If you had asked about white music, the question would have been impossible to answer, because there is no such thing as white music (or black music for that matter). You might be suprised at how many people are unclear on this concept.

Props Gurl! appl
Listening to alot of AWB lately, "If I ever lose this heaven", and " Love of your own", As well as Johnny Cash, for some reason I always loved "Cocaine Blues" No offense to the Wife!! Big Grin
Black Viking I love the bands you pick. Anyone like Latin blue's singers Los Lonely boys. love them. They remember of my friends dad band. When I lived back in New Mexico.
I'm not a big fan of Los Lonely Boys. But you mentioned some bands earlier that I love and forgot to mention. Red Hot Chili Peppers, Blink 182, Linkin Park. I like that new song that just came out by Fallout Boys, but the jury is still out on them.

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