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my hate list...[current music I kept hearing repeated over and over in Vegas]

1. Umbrella, ella ella, ella, yeah
2. Party like a rock star...Totally Dude!!
3. Umbrella, ella, ella, ella, remix with Jay-Z and Chris Brown
4. Summer Love - Justin Timberlake Frown
Original Post
Umm. I am so NOT listening to ANY Southern Rap! td6

I'm embarrassed to say I'm from the South! And what neanderthal came up with the moniker "DA DIRTY SOUTH"

Its not intimidating... Its not cool.... Its just muddy.. and retarded... grrrr..

okay... I'm not listening to any Justin Timberlake either.. well except for that thing he did with Nelly and Timba...

hmmmm... I'm getting tired of smooth jazz played on the station... they skip around too much.. sometimes they play "pop" and I'm like "aroooo????" (scooby voice)

lets see..

I'm not listening to one hit wonder Robin Thicke no mo..

I need a REAL black man... WHERE'S MAXWELL??? *pout* and he bet' not be gay ! grrr...

*rant over*

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