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Why are "we" so enamored of him?

Yes, it's true they had a lot of Blacks on their staff, and certainly those individuals and their families benefitted from their employ, but how about the rest of us?

His office is located in Harlem because the government balked at his first choice which was downtown Manhattan.

Tim Russet of NBC Meet the Press joking asked Rep Rangel if he could find office space for Clinton in Harlem...a few weeks later it was done.

Still..many Blacks are clinging to bill and hilary as though Bill signed the Emancipation Proclomation.
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Originally posted by MBM:
He instituted '3 strikes and you're out' - contributing to the horrendous increase in black male incarceration.

Ahhh.... THAT's it! I was listening to a Glen Ford commentary on Black Agenda Radio where he said: "Obama tells us that Black folks are already "90 percent of the way" to equality, when all the objective data say differently. In this way, he most resembles the snake-oil salesman Bill Clinton, who threw more Black people in jail than any previous president, destroyed the very concept of governmental obligation to the poor, and laid the institutional foundations for the de-industrialization of America - all the while visiting Black churches and giving feel-good gospel-laden speeches. Clinton effectively opened the door for George Bush, just as President Jimmy Carter's corporate, anti-progressive politics opened the door for Ronald Reagan.

I didn't realize that Ford was referring to "3 strikes."

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