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It seems like everytime I pick up an outdated paper, or catch a news show on TV, Jessica Lynch is in the news. I relly hate the race card thing but what makes her so special?? Recently another female was killed of Hispanic origins and you barely see a blip of what happened to her.

What about the marine company that lost 6 people b/c the tanks that were their support were diverted to rescue the 507th?

What about SFC Smith who is being put in for the Medal of Honor for killing 20-50 Iraqis and stopping a counter-attack single handly before he was killed himself?

and the list goes on..........

I see no million dollar book deals for any of them but get in a wreck, "forget" your ordeal and you're a hero upset I really do fail to see why this (she) is being pushed down our throats, while others are regulated to lesser status.

I did a paper once and this reminds me of an incident in the Korean War; a black soldier was credited with more kills (@250) than Audie Murphy or Alvin York combined, but no one ever hears his name in the ame breath.

If this is not racism at its finest then what does make a hero?

Good people of
don't mind me I'm just venting a little frustrastion......

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White, young, female, blond, petite, pretty, innocent - what more you could you want? This young girl single handedly fought off a battalion of raging Arab terrorists, getting seriously hurt, getting shot, etc. but fighting 'till the end! Plus she was captured by these wild Arabs - what did they do to her? Did they torture her? Rape her of her pureness? Surely these dangerous dark men lusted after her pure whiteness!

It's all there! Roll Eyes Roll Eyes Roll Eyes

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