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No student at any age should go to school wondering if they’ll even walk back out. No child should already have a “will” prepared just in case they never return home from school.

Unfortunately, in this country, it seems as if we don’t care either which, even as lawmakers refuse to put effective gun control measures into place while flirting with the notion of arming even more individuals on school grounds.

And so that brings us to the story of Javon Davies, who wrote a letter as a pseudo-will, with the intention of leaving his best friend his most beloved possessions in the event that one day he doesn’t return home from school.

“It was a play station 4, plus controllers, plus all the games that go to it, my cat, my TV, my X-box,” Javon, a 6th Grader from Birmingham, Ala. told news station WIAT.

Those were the items he wanted to make sure his best friend Cameron received in case he was ever killed at school. Cameron also wrote a similar note, leaving some of his own possessions to Javon as well.

The boys got the idea to write their wills after Javon’s middle school was notified of a threat.

“It was just in case something happened to one of us because some kids get rowdy up and might end up getting somebody shot or something,” Javon said.

The letter left his mom, Mariama shocked and saddened.

“I could not believe it you know, my child is in the 6th grade. This is something he should not be thinking about,” Mariama, who shared the letter on Facebook added. “It’s really hard because he’s so young. He just shouldn’t have to go through that period because for what? He’s in 6th grade. You have a lot ahead of you and these things going on you shouldn’t have to worry about, go through, or even think about.”




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