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Looks like this is going to be a rocky week for me. All of the usual challenges and deadlines, topped off with a visit to the open heart surgeon for my father.

In times like this, what keeps you focused? What gives you strength and lifts you up?

Thanks for sharing.

"Unless you're sharing what you have, you don't have as much as you think you do."
"Unless you're sharing what you have, you don't have as much as you think you do."
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Try to see the big picture. Don't sweat the small stuff, prioritize, make a list and take one thing at a time, try to avoid multitasking, delegate, get help, don't let pride cause you to take on more than you should handle.

Tell your self that you will stay calm, cool and collective, because you will make better decisions. If someone ticks you off, do not address it until you have thought about how the incident fits into the big picture. It might not be worth dealing with, sometimes it is better to be wronged and move on to the more important things. Discuss things on your mind with those who love you. Don't keep stuff bottled up because if an unforeseen incident comes up, you could blow if you don't do things to dampen the impact of your rocky week.

Do not procrastinate, it could pile up that could cause even more anxiety.

Take care of Business with a good attitude, even if it's forced, compliment people, send good vibes and people will send them back to you and before you know it you'll feel better and motivated under the circumstances, be an optimist and SMILE smile
My prayers with you and the family during this time.
I try to keep a level head and try to remember that things could be worse. I keep focused on my work to be sure that does not become an issue later on down the road and I try to remember that this is all part of my faith being tested. I slow down a little when I do things to be sure that I am not reacting in a bad way b/c of my situation.
Although not for everyone, I love the gym so my workout time allows an opportunity to clear my mind and blow off some anxieties.
If the situation is really bad (in my mind) I talk about it, just to keep from letting things build up, such as what you are doing now.
I know this is an old topic, but it's a good timely question.

Yesterday was an extremely stressful and trying day, one of those days that I would erase from history if it were possible. Thankfully, I was able to release some of the pressure of the day off on hubby, as he always has a listening ear (bless his heart). After explaining how terrible my day was to hubby and, listening to his point of view. I went into our bedroom and sit down to meditate, and then the phone rung. It was an old friend who just called to see how I was doing. We talked for about an hour, and I felt better. It was good to hear an unexpected pleasant voice.

Later that evening I called my best friend and we talked. She called another friend on three-way, and we laughed about some really funny times. After talking with hubby and friends the burden of the day was lifted. I was energized, and ready to face another day. Consequently, it's been smooth sailing. This has happened on numerous occasions. Whenever I needed someone to talk or listen to somehow a friend or family member has always been there. So, for me having the support of family and friends during difficult times has help to keep me focused.

What also helps is avoiding or keeping at bay toxic personalities especially during difficult times. If you don't have a good vibe, I'll treat you like a cancer, as behaviors and attitudes are contagious. Hang around low energy too long it will definitely rub off. It works the same with positive energy.

Love and support of family and friends is essential at all times.

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