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This was the last thing i noticed from her, but i'm sure this is what you have already seen and prompted you to ask about her:

Posted May 11, 2006 05:37 PM
Hi everyone. Long time no type....

I've missed you guys alot. Here's what's been going on...

We got evicted from our house. The landlord got tired of waiting for my mom's disability to kick in and put us out. We had no where to go and still don't. We're trying to make it day by day in a motel. We've been all over town trying to get vouchers, borrowing money...I'm running out of ideas.

You guys know my mom has cancer. This is making her very sick. My two little sisters are stressed out..I'm getting depressed again.

As of Saturday at 11am, we need to pay again or we will have to live in the car. The nightly rate is $55 and the weekly rate is $275.

I didn't know who else to ask. I'm just tired. I had to quit my job in the move because they got fed up with the situation and I was afraid I'd get fired.

I'm doing something that I hate to do I'm asking you guys for help.

I would appreciate anything anyone can do. We're desperate over here.

We have a PO Box:

Tyneisha Fondren
PO Box 342
San Bernardino, CA

If anyone could send any emergency money by Western Union or MoneyGram that'd be great too. Same name, same city.

My laptop is in storage, I'm using the library's computer right now but I can check my email on my cell phone. If anyone decides to help can you please email and let me know at I can give you my personal phone number if necessary once you email me.


I won't be able to reply on this post again because I won't have access to a computer but I will leave on the notifications so your replies will be fowarded to my email.

I'm sorry I had to ask but I don't know what else to do.



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