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Facial sauna Box

Well, we all know that there are
certain things that are great for the skin
like saunas but there are other advantages.
A facial sauna is like your portable
sauna. Oh, what a great advantage of
having an at home sauna, the only sauna
I will try, tried already.

Yes, Saunas tone the skin. They leave
the skin soft, supple and glowing. If you
use it regularly, you should see an
appealing healthy glow.

For me, when I used the Facial
sauna it made my skin less oily.I only
used it for a day but that's not really

But besides skin condition,the
facial sauna is good for a running nose.
I recommended it for someone I know
who had a running nose. I suggested this
before I even read this article, because
it is something about the heat that comes
when you have a cold.

For those who have a cold,ashtma,or
hay fever can use the sauna as an inhaler
or vaporizer.

It is typical for facial saunas
to have a very small reservoir so that
the water can heat up like the speed of lightning. There's a disadvantage though,
the water evaporates quickly, so if you
want more time on the saunva, you should
keep a tall glass of water by your side.
That way you can easily refill the reservoir
when it gets dried up.

THe small reservoir makes it impossible
to use overnight. IF a person has sinuses,
it's best to get the traditional vaporizer.

Okay and besides the steam, add some
tea tree oil to the water.

Moral of the story,one thing can
be used for many uses.
"Black History, All Day, Everyday, All The Time."
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