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I'm guessing that new facts (new scientific realities) are being created every day. Further, I imagine that the rate of creation of those facts is greater than our rate of discovering them.

That said, I wonder about what percentage of all of the knowledge/facts in the universe that humanity currently "knows"? I read not too long ago that we don't understand anything about well over 90% of the physical matter in the universe. We call it "Dark Matter" (yet we're really the ones in the dark!). I find it amazing - that we know so little about the universe we live in.

What do you think?

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I wonder how significant is mankind that we should know more about the universe. According to science, the earth is a tiny speck of rock orbiting a star in a huge galaxy of about 100 billion stars. Talking about our solar system being of very little consequence. Smile We are fortunate to know as much as we do.

Nonetheless, mankind is very clever and much will be learned about our universe in the future. But the ultimate truth in my opinion will still elude us. I believe a higher power has designed it that way.

There is strength in serenity.

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