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To look at him would you know he was biracial? and do you think he's cute? coulda knocked me over with a feather. we are so racially mixed at this point that it's getting harder to tell who is what. i think vin diesel is biracial too, except he doesn't want to admit it. . .
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He is a 'real' hunk.....

I didn't know he was bi-cultural--but it figures. I posted about "Prison Break" -- didn't mean to over shadow....

We are all one race, just different cultures.

Yes, Vin Diesel's appearance is more pronounced! It's a shame, that he won't fess up.

Sorry to say, but the negative propaganda that has been propagated throughout the world has had a crippling affect on many...if the world only knew how really great ['we are'] and the many splendid dynasties that we created, nurtured and descended from......

Your post is great, though--and very informative!

Both Wentworth Miller AND Vin Diesel openly
refer to themselves as being Mixed Race and
they make no secret of their Black ancestry.

Although Vin Diesel has never met his biological father
he was always very close to his African-American
stepfather and he has even stated in interviews that
he wanted to grow up to be the next BLACK action
film hero -- and it was his stepfather who set him
down told him that since he was both so obviously
Mixed-Race and also somewhat racially-ambiguous
looking in appearance -- he should probably set his
sights on being a 'MIXED-RACE action hero' instead.

Although they both have a White parent --
both Vin Diesel and Wentworth Miller are
---- just like more than 70% of individuals
who are born to two African-American
(AA) parents --- of a Lineage which is
referred to as being Multi-Generational
Multiracially-Mixed (MGM-Mixed).

*** Speaking of being
of MGM-Mixed Lineage...

Both Nicole Richie and Mariah Carey
are also of an MGM-Mixed lineage
and both are also Tri-racial.

--- Mariah's Carey's mother is
Irish and her dad is 1/4-Latino
and 1/4-African-American (AA).
--- Thus Mariah is 1/4 Latino;
1/4 African-American and 1/2 White.

--- Nicole Richie is 1/2 White;
1/4 Latino and 1/4 African-American.

(Nicole was adopted by Lionel and Brenda
Richie after they met Nicole and her
biological parents back in 1984 when
they were all on tour with the artist formerly
known as Prince and his group The Revolution.

Nicole's biological aunt is famed drummer
Sheila Escovedo (Sheila E) and her
biological dad is Sheila's brother
-- famed musician Pete Escovedo, Jr.
The Escovedos are 1/2 Latino
and also 1/2 African-American.
Their dad was famed Latino
drummer Pete Escovedo, Sr.

Very little is known about
Nicole's biological mother.)


For more information on "Racial" groups
such as Tri-racials, "Ethnic" groups
such as African-Americans (AAs), and
"cultural" groups such as Latinos
and other MGM-Mixed / Mixed-Race
Groups -- see links listed as follows.


More than 70% of all of the people who are
born to two (2) parents who are both of the
AA Ethnicity -- are also of an MGM-Mixed Lineage.

Most are of a Tri-Racial ancestry which
generally consists of 20-30% European
admixture; +25% Amerindian admixture
and the remaining percentage is
of West-African admixture.

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I think Wentworth is a cutie. Funny, but when he was on the cover of TV Guide a few months ago I thought, "He looks kinda black." The article mentioned that he was biracial. Cynic that I am, I couldn't help wondering whether TV Guide intentionally darkened his photo.

Only recently did I learn that "Hello Dolly" herself, Carol Channing's, father was half black. Who knew?

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