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The African Bags giving you the finished African look

Well , the perfect African outfit needs a bag to match. So
you got the African outfit, and here are the purses that can top them off.
This is where some of the most stylish and
classy handbags rests. To start, let's just talk about the Mudcloth shoulder bag. It is so
gorgeous. One of the reasons why shopping is addictive. This bag is
the reason, plus many other clothes and accessories.

The Mudcloth Shoulder Bag has a full front flap, cotton lining, zipper
and inside pocket.

Okay now, The second Mudcloth handbag is
very in style and marvelous. It's the red bag with the fringes.
The colors are light, dark and dark again. The cowry shell decoration is lined
up like a straight edge.

Third, take a look at the Design Hand Bag. This ladies
bag is a hand bag of Kente, leather and wooden beads. Oh and
it is offered in various designs.Sweet.

FOurth, this bag has a special type of name. IT's the
Odoryede" Ladies Hand Bag. IT is handmade by Ghanaians.
IT took corn husks and plaintain fibres being woven together
to come out as its creation.

The Detigubi Dome to Shoulder Bag also
required corn husks and plantain fibres to be made.
It's a black goldish combination.

I skipped over the other purses and had to
take my attention right to the Ladies Square purse.
Have any of ya'll heard of it? Yet another purse
made by Ghanaians from corn husks and plantain
fibres. IT looks like a picnic basket. It's very nice.

Oh yeah, looking to the side, they offer more African products.
Enjoy ya'll!
"Black History, All Day, Everyday, All The Time."
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