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Jason White/Black Authority is right!
It is not that hard to develop a CODE. We re-create and re- establish new meanings to words on a daily basis like no one else on Earth.
And though having a socio-eonomic code (ie. Code of Ethics/Code of Conduct) won't end racism; it certainly will give US the much needed leverage to prevail for generations to come. Sambos, black caucus, civil rights leaders need not apply!
What say you?

Always Remember that: "Anytime We As A People Are Not Having Our WaySomeone Else Is Having Theirs...And It's Never To Our Advantage."

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We don't need a code, we need to go somewhere on this planet where the people are SANE. Here, white folks are nuttier than fruit cakes and black folks are too against their own brothers and sisters.

What's the purpose of buying a gun other than to kill someone or something?

People think we look like monkeys, chimps and gorillas. I've never seen those animals with a set of lips between them. Monkeys come in all colors, have big noses, red faces, blond hair and everyone of them has straight hair.

We have afros,, naps, dreadlocks; dogs do too. They don't have lips either. Confess, white people, who's the real animal amongst humans. Let that hair grow in the manner it's supposed to all over your bodies and we'll all welcome Sasquatch. Enough of your killing insanity and hate because someone has color and you don't.

Look at us and look at yourselves and 'fess up as to who has the most wrinkles and polka dots on their faces. Check those double veins under your necks when you get past age 50. I'll spare you from what that appears to be. Hint:  America's Orange Hitler wannabe, likes to grab them on women. They used to be called kitty cats.

Enough racism from me for today. White men need to fly to the nearest psychologist/psychiatrist, quick, fast and in a hurry. Your hatred's making you ugly as hell. Thank God for SMOOTH JAZZ. I have to cross  your mess out!!!!! Thank God for music!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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