Rev. Graylan Hagler confronted Dan Joseph of the conservative Media Research Center on Monday for refusing to acknowledge that white supremacy was still an issue that needed to be addressed the United States.

On Monday’s edition of the WJLA’s NewsTalk program, Joseph asserted that Trump was leading the GOP presidential race because voters were tired of political correctness.

Hagler, however, argued that political correctness was another phrase for “respecting other people.”

“Political incorrectness is racist, it’s xenophobic because it really in a sense diminishes people’s humanity,” Hagler explained. “It characterizes people in negative ways, it stereotypes people in ways that are ultimately destructive.”

The pastor contended that the political success of Trump was tied to America’s history of racism, and to the way some whites feel threatened by the election of President Barack Obama.

“People basically tried to restore the Confederacy and did so after the compromise,” Hagler noted. “And we’re really facing this white supremacist paradigm all over again.”

Joseph countered that white Americans were “afraid to say what they believe because they know that if they do say what they believe that they will accused of being racist bigots.”

“You are failing to admit that there is a paradigm in this country, a historical paradigm that is built upon white supremacy,” Hagler interrupted.

But Joseph said that he was more concerned that the Black Lives Matter movement had been wrong about the circumstances of the death of Michael Brown than he was with an “historical pattern.”

“You need to wise up and open up your eyes and see that there has been an historical pattern in this country of white supremacist violence against black people!” the pastor exclaimed. “I’m saying you need to sit down with people long enough to know something about them, to know something about what’s going on.”

Hagler pointed out that he had tried to start a discussion with Joseph before the show over a vulgar tweet the conservative journalist directed at the Black Lives Matter movement.

“Just like we were waiting to go on this show, you don’t have the character to even listen long enough,” Hagler remarked. “He told the Black Lives movement to basically [F-word] themselves after Paris. It’s that type of provocative language.”

“My mama and hopefully your mama taught you to be respectful of people,” he continued. “And if she taught you to be respectful of people then that is political correctness.”

“The last thing the Black Lives Matter movement is doing is being respectful,” Joseph opined. “They are saying all cops are bad, they are saying all cops are racist, they are rioting in the streets.”

“Because the Black Lives Matter movement is a disgusting anti-American liberal movement,” he added. “The way that they’ve been taking the things that are not facts and telling the country that they are in order to promote their agenda, that is wrong.”

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Why would this Black pastor waste his time trying to reason with a racist troglodyte.  

He may as well be trying to reason with a hyena or a German Shepard that's it wrong to maul a small animal to death; just like mauling a small animal to death is only natural to a hyena or a German Shepard, hate and evil and deception without remorse, is only natural to a psychopath.

This pastor's time could be been better spent elsewhere.   

Looking at this video before turning it on, I couldn't tell which one was black and which one was supposedly white. After listening to this thing for a couple minutes, I still couldn't tell which one was black and which one was white. Ole dude with the thick black hair and the soup coolers probably should take a DNA test and keep his mouth closed about racial anything UNTIL HE DOES. He's going to be so SURPRISED!!!!!!

There are so many "white" people on TV who are surrounded by shades of blackness, they'd commit suicide, if they only knew. They should call me, I'll tell 'em in a heartbeat. Straight hair and light skin doesn't mean "jack duey luey".

Europeans and Africans were NEVER MEANT to occupy the same turf. We as Africans are getting our asses slaughtered right now, but one day the tables are going to turn big time. We can't keep barely existing like this. We as Africans need mandatory Funeral Insurance Policies. Between the killings of us by us and by them, it's amazing we're still here by the millions or AT ALL.

That racist mulatto on the right is doing exactly what he is accusing the BlackLivesMatter movement of doing.  

All that racist propaganda artist is doing is attempting to use their usual twisted form of reverse psychology [on the audience/whoever is listening] where he states lies as fact, misinterprets "statistics" or quotes statistics that are bogus in the first place, and blaming victims for their own murders.  

The only thing White supremacy is or ever has been, is a series of lies, distortion of facts, truth and history, [just like all other mythologies that people have believed in as being real throughout history].  And that's all this racist is promoting with his lies, distortion of facts, truth and history, the White supremacy mythology that is made up of of a series of lies, distortion of facts, truth and history.




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