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Man, this is really.....interesting. Eek I'm not sure if all of it is true (if all of it relates to each other), but it does make one think......

Not to mention that it's a documented fact that the Administration was warned of immanent attack within US borders by al-Qaeda or related networks seveal months before it happened. Condoleeza Rice even admitted to ignoring several documents.

Not to mention there are documentations of a planned War in Afghanistan before 9-11 even happened. Hmmm........
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Originally posted by EbonyRose:
Hmmmm is right, EP!! Eek Eek

And I'm veering towards such a theory even more so considering the fact that with Bush's insistance on selling our ports to the Arabs ... if it wasn't allowed to happen then, it's going to allowed to happen again!! Eek

Not "Arabs"; but a foriegn government. That's the problem with the Bush administration's argument about discriminating against arabs and treating all businesses equally. UAE is not just another business. It is a business owned by a foreign government.
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