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What are the most important factors (1-3) when deciding who to vote for?

For me, I ask myself, "who will do the best for Black people if elected?".

I am not concerned about polls, who is in the lead, who has the most/least money, who speaks the best, or even about their party affiliation (I am not affiliated with any party -- which is not the same as being an Independent, that is a party), my soul (spelled correctly) interest is OUR EMPOWERMENT.

Mind you, if my ballot choices are a skinhead, a klansman, or a nazi, I would write in 'Malcolm X'.

What are your criteria for picking a person to vote for?


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No. Anyone who doesn't want to answer won't.

I'm like you. I look at the demonstrated position of the candidate on issues important to African America.

For President and Vice-President:

I typicallly don't vote. The candidates for these offices are not selected by the popular vote. The "Electors" select the candidate of their choice regardless of the choice of the citizens.

For this election, I shall write in my own name in the main election. In the primary, I will vote for Sharpton. Why? To give him as much leverage in the DNC convention as I can.


Jim Chester

You are who you say you are. Your children are who you say you are.

Of course,you know the answer is no one's.

And, also of course, that is why each voter must be judgmental. Evaluating, if you prefer. I did my time watching out for the majority while hoping the majority kept the minority in fair perspective to the welfare of the nation, also known as the majority. But the majority looks at the minority through the wrong end of the telescope, and thus sees the minority as even smaller.

I look at the candidates through the minority end of the telescope, and thus see their demonstration behavior as the critical indicator of their value to the minority.


Jim Chester

You are who you say you are. Your children are who you say you are.
Originally posted by ThaWatcher:
My main question is this: who's agenda benefits everyone?....

Only you would weigh-in with a One-Liner that has the least bit to do with the topic at hand.

WHO IS BEST FOR BLACK PEOPLE?... in the sense of OUR EMPOWERMENT... in the sense of that being a Criteria, perhaps the CRITERIA we should all have as Black people.

At least you could have said your punchline:
Not All Black People Think The Same.

Yet even that is not a Criteria. OP, I share your Criteria. It's obvious Watcher would rather redeem his Cliche' Cash than treat your question seriously.

Instead of "Who's Agenda Benefits Everyone?"... I would rather hear from you, WATCHER, what the BLACK AGENDA ought to be regardless of party. Yes, we can disagree on things even with regards to that but I think truly concerned African-Americans see the need to have an AGENDA of our own that represent issues upon which we will not compromise or simply construct within the framework of the existing platform structures which do not take into account our PRIORITIES/rank order of Issues Of Importance & Imperatives.

Apparently you are satisfied with whatever is "given"...

"The problem many African-Americans have with these [BLACK] "CONservatives" is that they appear to air the problems of the black community to the entire nation without offering any Real Solutions."
Originally posted by ThaWatcher:
I feel you JWC...but the "what can you do for me and my friends" is what's wrong with politics now....

What are you suggesting?

Black people, upon whom WOMEN and other minorities interest have been advanced, should abandon self-advocacy while NO ONE ELSE would ever resort to doing that?

Who is going to advocate for Black people (look at history) when and if Black people don't do it for themselves? And yes... Black people have always shown concerned about others.

You got the wrong forum. And you're applying the wrong logic on the wrong people. What you have described is basically Politics by it virtual definition. WHO DECIDES WHO GETS WHAT!

No Taxation Without Representation.... hmmm...
Was that something that was "wrong with politics" at some other time? Seriously, I struggle to see your point.

Also, you really need to give up on the Cliches'... my friend. They are not really working.

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