Date: Monday, February 15, 2010, 5:39 am
By: Tonya Pendleton,


Gabriel Sheffield and Jasmine Harris were just an ordinary young couple, going on trips together and spending quality time together.

The co-workers turned lovers were enjoying their lives, happily living together in Virginia, when Sheffield had a better idea. He decided to propose to the woman who he says “opened his eyes to the true meaning of love and friendship.” Essence magazine provided assistance when he entered the annual “Will You Marry Me?” contest and proposed to Harris in front of cameras that recorded every moment.

Harris says she can’t wait to be Mrs. Sheffield.

“I still feel like I'm on Cloud Nine. Each time I tell someone about the proposal and the contest, I am filled with joy," she said. "The support that we have received from friends, family and the Essence readers is very humbling.”

The couple, both 25, met at work at Lockheed Martin in Virginia - where they work in two different divisions - at an employee happy hour. Sheffield says he knew that Harris would become important in his life, citing her “crazy, through the roof” personality. Both believe in marriage and are looking forward to exchanging vows and a beautiful wedding, thanks to Essence.
“Our love is unexplainable, based on a friendship, backed by our faith, and strengthened by our compassion for one another,” the couple told Essence. “From the day we met, we found many reasons to spend time together. As the days went on, we began to learn that we complimented each other and shared similar goals and aspirations. Before we knew it, we were not spending many days apart.”

Watch the proposal video, check out the couple’s photos and learn more about the “Will You Marry Me?” contest right here.
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