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so i guess its official. my son is playing 7th grade football. pads, shoes, helmet, jersey, pants, gloves, mouthgaurd--the full meal deal.

am i nervous? a little, but im more of a supportive mom once the game starts. you'll hear me yelling...GET HIM, GET HIM, GET HIM! DONT LET HIM GET BY YOU! HOLD HIM, STAY WITH YOUR MAN! GO GO GO GO GO...etc. its pretty fun all in all. his dad is an ex-UW Husky football player so he handles the post game talks and im there for the hugs and every once in a while the "why did you let him get by you!" my son thinks i know nothing about the game, but his dad corrects him on that.

even watching their little 7th grade cheerleaders is fun (brings back memories of my days on the the cold, freezing rain lol)

first game 9/6/03

vikings 33 - aldavies 13

go vikings!! Big Grin

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Brings back great memories! I started playing Pop Warner football when I was 6. Organized, team sports does so much for building a child's' sense of responsibility to others (the team), they develop a sense of how their contributions affect a broader group, they learn how to take negative feedback, and in general it teaches all sorts of positive lessons that make you a better person. Moreover, there's something about football that delivers all of these lessons even more.

Throughout my business career I've had managers who you could clearly tell had never been involved in team sports. In essence, they just didn't "get" management. So - you're building the foundation for a young CEO there Mom! Congratulations!!

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Reminds me of when our oldest first start playing football many many years ago. My wife was very hestitant about her baby playing football scared that he would get hurt. So I dressed him up in his uniform and told him to get down in a three point stance, when I said go I hit him so hard he flew across the room hit the wall and slide down. My wife I throught was going to kill me, my son hopped up laughing and wanted to do it again. Needless to say he feared nothing on that football field and mom put her fears aside. Big Grin

Both my sons played as did I and my brothers, its a great game and a good way to learn teamwork and results in bonding between boys and men that few other things in life do.
in my time away--i have neglected to keep the site up to date on a nearly undefeated season. (1 loss)

today the University Place Vikings won their championship game against the Eastside RuffRyders who have been undefeated for FOUR years.

very, very proud day for the parents and coaches of the UP Vikings!

we had a season of unseasonable warm weather in the beginning, then a weekend with no game when the tempertures dropped into the high 20's. never a game with rain--until today. the skies opened up and dumped those big fat rain drops that soak you to the bone for 3 out of 4 quarters.

never the less--our boys pulled off the most rewarding victory!

final score: 6-0

way to go viks!!

parenting doesn't get better than days like today! definately a high point we'll always remember.


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