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This is a serious and very interesting blog i found on another website.Its a a must read.

My Name is Harold Petit-Frere and i live in Brooklyn New York and What i`m about to say is gonna be hard to believe but please be open minded.

Years ago i found out that the Aids Virus is a U.S government creation.I first found this out back in 2003 0r 2004 after being on a message board.Somebody posted a link of an article about this Aids Activist called Boyd Graves who did his research on the Aids virus for years.
In that article Graves talked about the fact that Aids is a U.S government backed U.S scientist creation to kill off blacks.He`s been researching this virus for many years before he came to that conclusion and to make a long story short he said something along the lines of"some hospitals,colleges and medical centers have government agents in it giving black people the Aids Virus.And he also talked about the fact that their are numerous ways they can give you the Aids virus.

I could never find the exact link of the article the guy posted on the message board but here`s a interview With Boyd Graves where he talks about
the Aids virus and mentions some colleges, hospitals, medical centers and foundations—all working together for the sole purpose of the development, implementation and proliferation of the HIV virus, through the human genome, primarily the Black genome:

That interview also mentions about a news report years of a young couple who went to visit their daughter in a major hospital and found a needle hanging in her leg. The parents had the needle examined and it was found to be laced with HIV.

THe interviewer was talking about this news report:

Boyd graves is a Lawyer and use to be apart of the U.S Naval Academy.He probably was one of the first people to break the news that the Aids virus is man-made.According to what i`ve read of him he had got his hands on this flowchart from a scientist which according to Graves is proof that Aids is not only man-made but was created by U.S scientist decades ago.

He has the flowchart on his website:

In the Summer of 2004,I wanted to lose weight that summer and i was exersizing.So i would go out jogging in my hoody so i could lose weight faster.And after i was finished jogging sometimes i would go to the store or the park and a few times i got stopped and frisked by the policeand they asked me questions on why i have a hoody on when its hot and i would tell em.They did`nt seem like they believed me and being that i`m a black male it did`nt surprise me.They ask for my I.D then they wrote my name down in their notebook.

One day, i believe it was sometime in August on a Thursday in 2004 and i made sure i came home early so i could watch a boxing match on Showtime.My cousin had called before the boxing Match started and we was talking about something and i told him what i have read on a website.My cousin kinda paused and he seem to have panicked cause he quickly told me "Harold i gotta go".I figured he panicked or something then i was thinking oh shit i forgot that the feds or whatever listen in over the phone and if you say certain words a operator will pick up to start to listen.

Maybe after about a half an hour or more after our Phone conversation i heard a helicopter,it was from 9:00 pm to 11:00 pm at the time.I looked at my window and i seen a helicopter with the lights beamed at my window.I was like oh shit the shit i said on the phone must be true.The helicopter was standing their in mid air for maybe a few minutes with the lights beamed at my window.Then it started circling my house for minutes,then it left.My Parents was sleeping so they did`nt get to hear it.Believe it or not but for some odd reason i was`nt scared or nervous at all.Maybe its because i`ve been through so much problems in my life that it made me a strong person.

I`m not sure if the cops was scoping me out cause i looked suspicious cause of the hoody and they had my phone tapped or if its the fact their NSA computers picked up on a keyword and one of their operators picked up and started listening to the convo.

For those who don`t know,The government have computers hooked up to the phone lines and the internet,and its set to track a person phone or computer if that person say or type a cetain word on their list of Keywords.If you say or type a certain Keyword their computer or a phone operator will track your phone or computer and start to record or listen to what you are saying according to what i read a while back.

Like a day or 2 after the incident i was on the train and after maybe a few stops a young dark-skin black male with a cap came on the train with a black bag,I was sitting down,after a couple of stops their was a place next to me free for someone to sit,The dude in the hat walked next to me and put this black bag right next to me and he stayed standing,I was thinking why would this guy do that.And then it dawn on me this guy may be trying to set me up.So i quickly sat up and moved.The guy in the hat went to the seat took the bag and stood next to the door.And i believe the next stop he left.

I was thinking oh shit this cat tried to set me up.I guess the cops thought i was stupid and would fall for something like this.

After that Incident i would be followed around by many different people of different races,ethnicities, age ranges and by the police.It seems like they tried to use some of them to try to set me up.I had this one black individual who may have been a teen ask me if i could buy him liquor.I figured chances are he`s working for the cops and is trying to set me up so i said no.But he would`nt take no for an answer and kept on asking me.

There was another time i was walking through a shopping center and i pass this individual who look like he was a teen or a young adult and he was a Latino and after i passed him he called me a pussy.I pretty much ignored him cause i figured that it was another attempt to set up to get me into a fight with him then i get thrown in Jail.

At my school in my class one day their was this young black girl who look like she was 17 0r 18 years old.It was the first time she appeared in my class.She came sat down right across me and started asking me a bunch of questions,some that i don`t even remember.I remember her telling me how she can help me get a job.I said to myself i better get away form her cause she might be trying to set me up.In the next class i made sure i sat far away from her.

After that day i never seen her in any of my classes.

Every morning i would have police helicopters fly over my house which went on for years.I`ve heard and read from numerous sources that the Police,feds,military etc. have devices which can look through your walls and see everything clearly.

I could not believe what was happening to me.

Sometimes when i would go to get the mail i would find the mailbox open.I live in a townhouse and the mailbox is a big mailbox in the side walk and there`s a mail box in it for each house on that block.One day i was walking home and found the mailbox knocked over.It seems like someone took out the screws from the stands and pushed it to the side.SO maybe like a day or 2 i think the post office came to get it cause i did`nt see it there anymore.For like a month everybody had to go all the way to the post office to get their mail.A part of me was thinking the cops or feds did that but i did`nt want to believe it.

Shortly after the mailbox was knockdown i was talking on the phone with my cousin who lived in Florida and i noticed the signal started to weaken.His voice started to get lower then higher then lower then higher then he cutoff.SO i hung up and left my room and i noticed my nephew was in the bathroom looking outside the window,then i looked in my parents room and i noticed both my parents was looking outside the window.I went to the room to look and i saw that someone had set fire to the telephone pole.the fireman came and put the fire out.

I avoided telling anybody what happened to me for a little while cause i didn`t want to bring my problem to people i know.

One day my sister called me over to her house to fix something i believe.And i whispered something in her ears cause i was`nt sure at the time if they had her housed bug or not.Big mistake on my part for doing that.

Cause a couple of months later she was complaining that cops was following her.Maybe they thought i told her about what happened when i
whispered in her ear but it was`nt that.(Keep in mind that the cops,feds,etc.have devices that could look through walls).

The way i found out that they were following her is that she would call me and ask me to come over her house cause she said she has to tell me something.
I became Paranoid,i thought she was trying to set me up or something.I figured she turned on me and started working for them.She would come over to the house and ask to talk to me and i would refuse cause i figured it was some sort of set-up.

But then later i found out through her son that she was being followed by cops and feds also and after that i figured out what she wanted to tell me.So i finally talked to her and told her what happened.She told me that police follow her around and they went to her daughter`s school to get her daughters records.She also said that she thinks her phone is tapped cause she hear these weird noises on her phone.After they did that my sister moved her to a school closer to her house.After talking to my niece she told me her mother did that so she does`nt have to travel to far to pick her up.

At my school they started to get the classmates to follow me around including the people i befriended.I told a couple of them that i know the cops sent ya`ll to follow me and i told them why they were following me.I remember that their was this east Indian guy who was from Trinidad i had befriended in the school and they got him to follow me around and spy on me.So i told him why they sent him to follow me around.After telling him it look like he just seen a ghost or something.He was so scared and he quickly moved away from me.After that he acted like he did`nt even know me.

Another one of my classmates who i thought i was cool with tried to set me up.It was this big Fat light-skin Black male who rarely came to school and never studied so as a result he flunk the classes so he was left back.One time i stayed in class at lunch time so that light-skin "brotha" came to my class with 2 book bags.When he came through the door he had a little grin on his face,he said what`s up and he put a bag on the seat next to me and said watch my bag i`ll be back.I thought it was weird that he had 2 book bags with him and that book bag looked very suspicious cause what ever was in it it looked like it was gonna bust out cause it barely fit in the bag.Then it dawn on me that he might have put the bag their to try to set me up so i quickly jumped out of the seat and went to sit in another seat.Part of the reason i felt it was all a setup cause he had a grin in his face when he first walked through the door.

Minutes later he came back to get the bag and left and came back again to sit in the room and i acted like nothing happened.

As a black male i was hurt that my own "brothas" and "sistas" would work for these cops and feds to try to set me up.I was very disappointed in my people.

Being in that class was tough cause they would constantly get people to bang on the wall to interrupt my reading and when i was at home trying to study or sleep they would fly helicopters over my house to interrupt my studying and sleep.

They also got alot of the people that worked at the school and my teachers to follow me and spy on me.

Sometimes when the cops would follow me i would taunt them to show them that i`m not Afraid of them.And i would do other things to show them i`m not Afraid of them which i would rather not say cause i`m kinda ashamed of what i did.

I tried writing to the Attorney General but a representative wrote me back telling me that they forwarded my correspondence to the "NYC Civilian Complaint board" and he said he believe that organization would be able to help me.I tried writing to them but i got no reply.

I tried calling internal affairs and told them about my story.I was speaking to what sounded like a black women.When i told her my story she sounded real concern.She gave me code number and said she they would get back with me but i never got a call.They probably told her not to get back with me or something else.

A few months ago my Niece told me she seen a white person looking through my parents garbage in the front Yard.There arent any white people living in my neighborhood just Black, Latinos and a little bit of Indians.about a year ago My niece also told me that her mother(my sister)is being followed around by cops after i asked her.That individual that was looking through my
garbage must have been an undercover cop or a fed.

I started to listen to Patriot Radio like Alex Jones and Jeff Rense and others and i found out that many others went through similar experiences that i went through.

I tried calling the Alex Jones Show to tell him about my story but he cut me off not letting me finish,he said some things along the lines of "yeah they are targeting white people to"Then i tried to finish what i was trying to say then he said:"nobody`s following you" then hung up on me while i was trying to finish saying what i wanted to say.

I Called Boyd Graves and to make a long story short: i could tell he was in a bad mood cause he did not let me finish and started saying:"can i help you" in a rude way.I tried to tell him the whole story but he kept on saying:"can i help you" in a rude way and when i tried to tell him what happened he said:"Why you calling me for,go write a blog".So i told him sorry for bothering him then i hung up.They probably messing with him also that`s probably the reason he was so uptight.

After graduating i did`nt bother to try to get a job cause i figured they would try to set me up and they would probably succeed so i told my parents that its hard to get a job cause the economy is bad and just lived with my parents.And i would ask them for money all the time and save it.

A couple of weeks ago i ran into this vid about gangstalking and it was about people who were being stalked cause they were some sort of threat to the government.

Watching some of the vids and going through the links that a few of those vids gave.I found out that this gangstalking goes back along time ago to Germany and in Russia and its happening in alot of countries.Its far more common then i originally thought.

People that are targeted are usually protesters,whistle-blowers,people considered to be too outspoken,people who belong to a dissident movement,people who go up against wealthy corporations, woman’s groups, (single) women, minorities, extremists, conspiracy theorists, anti-war proponents, individuals identified or targeted as problems at these community meetings,and other innocent individuals.

They`ll use people of all ages and races to stalk you ,harass you,spread negative rumors about you to destroy your reputation and lose your job,Try to set you up,damage your property and do other things.

The people that they use are told lies about you in order to justify the things they are asked to do.People who don`t want to engage in stalking and harassing people are usually threatened or blackmailed.

The goal is to drive the target to committing suicide or get you in jail,or get you locked up in a mental institution by making you look like your crazy.Here are some links for info on gangstalking:

If any of you have any questions you could reach me at 347-365-9356


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I heard about this several months ago on 'The Power'.

I believe it.

In that there is nothing I can do about the fact, I continue to be mystified by, and am fearful of, the intent of keeping the carriers of HIV, and AIDS secret.

What in God's Name is the point?

What is the value of having carriers of a communicable disease moving freely, and secretly at large in our society?

There is not even a protection against marrying such a secret carrier.



Jim Chester
Now I do believe that AIDS was man-made for the express purpose of eliminating or dwindling the number of people of African descent and Native Latino descent.  I'm not sure that I don't believe the person who wrote this article is suffering from some mental illness/paranoia, however, his every word could be true, although I think that anyone that has proof of the real reason AIDS was created would be made to look like they are just paranoid/mentally disturbed or assassinated.  It is hard for me to believe that he had tangible proof of the origin and purpose of AIDS and did nothing with that information until now.  But the proof of what AIDS really was made for is obvious:  THE FACT THAT THE MAJORITY OF PEOPLE ON THIS PLANET WITH AIDS ARE OF AFRICAN DESCENT OR ARE LATINO---that alone is proof of the diliberateness of this disease, in that Africans/African-Americans/Latinos are not doing anything sexually that any other group/race of people are not doing, yet, AIDS just so happens to be more prevailant in these races/groups/communities.  And before everyone starts posting all about the racist propaganda out there that claims that only Black/Brown people are having unprotected sex, etc., newsflash white people are not now and never have been any more sexually responsible than any other group/race (yet they somehow have lower  intances of AIDS) -- supposedly.
I used to believe -- or at least, I used to LEAN toward believing -- that AIDS was manmade.  I found it hard to believe that a virus could just happen to exist in nature that so specifically targets the one key component of the immune system that controls the whole system.  I figured that it would make more sense that such a virus could naturally occur if it attacked the immune system more broadly and indiscriminately than just specifically the T-cells. 

But over the years, I've read a lot about the history of the virus, as well as the way it works.  Too much of that simply can't be reconciled with the idea of a man-made origin.  And the thing is, even the most insane mad scientist would understand that it would be impossible not only to wipe out the black race with this, but also to prevent its spread to non-blacks.  If you're going to engineer a virus to wipe out a race, it would make more sense to come up with something like Ebola. That's a virus that can kill a whole town before it has a chance to escape to the outside world.  HIV would never have worked as a candidate for something like this. 

Africa is the cradle not only of civilization, but of life itself.  And unfortunately, that includes life in all its forms, both benevolent and malignant, and logically would include deadly viruses.
Well, I've never seen or heard any credible evidence to support the theory of it being "man-made", so I haven't formed an opinion on that one way or the other, yet.

And as far as it being something to wipe out Africans/Africa ... that's kinda even harder to believe since the epidemic initially gained notoriety because of the way it was spreading among White males and that attention was mainly focused away from the Continent! 

Now ... that's not to say that the disease was not making its way throughout Africa at the same time and there just wasn't the same kind of intense media attention focused on it.  However ... knowing the media's propensity for sensationalism, especially when the focus is human suffering ... if they could have shined such a spotlight on Africans suffering and dying in the same way (gay) White males were ... I'm sure they wouldn't have hesitated to do so! 

So ... I dunno!
And the thing is, even the most insane mad scientist would understand that it would be impossible not only to wipe out the black race with this, but also to prevent its spread to non-blacks.---Vox

Your argument is that your belief is mitigated by motivation.

I believe the disease was created by man.

I even seen names and nationalities used.

I have not come to a conclusion on motivation...except...I am 'leaning' toward Africa being 'blamed' some point.


Maybe even selected with an early implantation, but...

I, too, don't believe the perpetrators thought the effect of the disease could, or would, be isolated to Africa.

The HIV/AIDS politic is infested with self-serving intent.


Jim Chester

Saying "man-made"  also means that scientist can take existing viruses, experiment with them, spread them (either diliberately or by accident).  It doesn't matter what the disease is as long as it is communicable and deadly when it come to germ warfare.  So, man does not have to create a disease in order to spread it and/or infect an entire population with it diliberately, or accidently.  But, like I said, the fact that the majority of people on this planet that have AIDS are Black, that alone is proof enough that people of African descent were initially infected deliberately.  Africans, people of African descent are too diverse culturally, too culturally and physically disconnected for this disease that comes from Africa (or has been packaged so that people will believe that it is of African origin) to affect the entire race exactly the same no matter where we are on this planet; Africans, African Americans, Hatians, other Carribeans, Africans in Europe, etc.  We would all have to live in the same country, on the same continent, and practice the same or extremely similar culural/social rituals for it to be predominate ONLY in Black people without help.

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