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Previously I knew one girl,I wasn't really that close to her but I finally spoke to her and praised her looks.I actually regreted not speaking to her earlier because we hit it off quite well.But I liked someone else.

During the holidays,I tried to contact her for some time (so that she could introduce me to that other )girl but failed.It turns out that she doesn't answer calls from people she doesn't know.So I sent her a handphone message and she finally answered.So I thought that my chances for the other girl are much better now.

Unexpectedly,she included me as one of those who could chat with her via the internet in one ICQ-like boards.And I spoke to her a lot but randomly one of the things we talk about most is about how I would court the other girl.

But during my holidays,my feelings for the other girl diminished and I fell for the one who was supposed to help me out instead.But it was only a subconcious feeling and I never really realized how much I like her until she suddenly had a boyfriend.But her relationship is a long distance relationship because her boyfriend asked her to be his girlfriend via the internet.

She said he would come over here after 3 months.Now I'm back in college and I feel a strong sense of regret.By trying to get her help to court the heart of another,I ended up knowing her better and vice versa.And I discovered she was beautiful on the inside and out.We even related to each other our very private thought when we chat.So now I'm lost.?I try not to let her know how I feel,that's why she very strongly believes I still like the other girl.So now I'm lost.What should I do?
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Thanks for answering Smile .You've pointed me to the right thing that I should do.

I'm gettin rather pissed right now.It's been at least a full 45 hours by now and everytime all I get from her handphone is ringing without anyone answering.She's not avoiding me, I know.But she obviously doesn't think the calls are anything serious.I hope to tell her as soon as possible. Arghhh! upset

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