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You know,

I busted open my Flirty Girl's fitness package several weeks ago, clearly wanting to see how different it was from my "Art of Erotic Dance" fitness videos....


Honestly, I like the package.....of course having the dance pole is exciting, too....(and the talk of this area, I might add.....somebody must have told somebody else that Women who happen to love God can't dance in their own homes like they love their own bodies as well)...

Then there's the PX90....Man, that is some variety there!....and loads of hard work. I love anything by Beach Body....they have WONDERFUL products.

But I really want to get one of the flying yoga setups. I REALLY like the idea that I can do yoga without so much of the pressure put on to the body....does anybody know where I can get one of these????

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I forgot to mention that I've just received the latest DVD installments of my Flirty Girl Fitness Routine....

Do you know that they sent me the Ultimate Upper Body and the Chair Dance: Tone and Tease....but I find really interesting is the Gell Balls that I got...they are squishy, medium sized pink balls that you use as weights!!! I've never seen these before...amazing!

You can get them too at Flirty Girl Fitness

But don't hurt yourself on that pole!


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So I picked up the latest flyer for the new belly dance classes starting up...and ooooooooo oooooooooo! I'm so excited!!!

I LOVE taking belly dance class and I am looking oh so forward to these next classes coming up!!!

I'm equally excited about this sailing class that I'm about to take. It's been sooooooooooo many years since I took sailing and the last time I did, I was in a small boat with a friend: we tipped that boat over and could NOT get the boat back up! LOL....

But I'm so grateful for that lil old man who took us out for water skiing....he was soooooooooooo patient! I must have fallen in the water at LEAST 50 times....and he was as patient as he could be until I was finally up on the water skiing (with my butt sticking out....hahahahaha!)....and when I finally got the hang of it all and learned to STOP pulling on the chords when I felt I was going to fall, but opted to relax my grip on them instead, I was over the moon!

I am Sooooooooooooooooooo excited for this summer! Whoo HOo!

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