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Boyd Ed Graves, a Black Man and a Lawyer who "had A.I.D.S." is suing the U.S. Gov't for the creation of A.I.D.S. with evidence of the 1971 US Special Virus Research Logic Flow Chart among other Government Documents.
Also, He states that there is a cure for A.I.D.S. and the U.S. Government
is allowing Blacks around the world to die from its creation, A.I.D.S. Is A.I.D.S. a Population Control Measure because Whites don't make as many babies as fast as Blacks so they had to create A.I.D.S. to help them keep up???
(Press Release from November 28, 2002)
U.S. FORCED TO ALLOW LAWSUIT ON 'LAB BIRTH OF AIDS' Washington, DC - In a November 20, 2002 letter from the Office of the Secretary of the United States Department of Health and Human Services, AIDS ORIGIN researcher, Boyd E. Graves, J.D. has been given sixty days to file suit in the U.S. federal court of his choosing.
"The people have forced the right to sue the United States over their "creation", "production" and "proliferation" of HIV/AIDS through the secret, federal virus development program, the U.S. Special (AIDS) Virus program (1948 - 1978)." said Graves.
"The yearly progress reports of the secret program provide the irrefutable narrative proof of the linkage of experiment to the flowchart, "research logic" of the African Holocaust. This best explains how Black people account for 13% of the population and 50% of all new AIDS cases."
Graves, a civil rights lawyer and decorated US Navy veteran, filed a similar complaint with Ohio's federal courts in 1998. After his 33 month legal battle and an appeal to the US Supreme Court in 2001, Graves' lawsuit finally prompted Congress to request an investigation into the missing appropriations of the secret federal virus development program Special Virus through the US General Accounting Office.
The US government's official report was made public following the terrorist attacks of September 11th and was highly criticized as a 'total white-wash' by many independent investigators, including Professor Robert Lee and Harvard's Dr. Leonard G. Horowitz.
Graves and his supporters say they are confident the evidence of the laboratory birth of AIDS is irrefutable.
"We can show through the progress reports of the secret program, that the original name of HIV was ESP-1 virus, developed in accordance with the phases of the flowchart." Graves said. "The United States purposefully and intentionally, complemented the "small pox" vaccine that went to Africa and the "Hepatitis B" vaccine that was given to homosexuals that the United States recruited for that purpose." Graves said he is hopeful people support his efforts by downloading the 1971 flow chart document from his website, and by writing to elected and appointed health officials. "We have found the well-spring of the genesis of AIDS," said Graves. "It is our nation state, it is us."
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Talk about conspiracy theory this takes the cake. You would think though since we all know how aids is transmitted that black people would not stick strange needles up their arms, and keep having unprotected sex. The point of the matter is unless your an innoncent child you should know how to protect yourself with a little common sense. Before there was aids there were all kinds of STDs that were harmful and sometimes deadly. I can understand people getting the aids virus back in the day when little was known about it but, nowadays people should know to wrap it up, and to stay off the drugs.
I have believed that AIDS was created for some purpose, probably to curb the black population, since 1989. After all these years, I still believe it. What I've read on how the virus works makes the virus seem a bit too methodical to be the result of natural evolution. Either the virus is an intelligent, thinking being, or it was created and deployed by intelligent thinking beings. The latter is far more likely.

But of course, Justice4all is correct that it's up to intelligent, thinking beings to stop its spread.
The idea of creating a biological weapon or virus based on the personal habits of its target is crazy, it makes the weapon almost useless and in the case of AIDS anybody including the people who developed it or their families can catch it. AIDS is not got by the most perferred method of deployment of a bioweapon which is as a aersol or powder that is breathe in. No you actually have to engage in known risky behavior to actually catch the disease, no behavior no disease.

For someone to develop these disease to affect only black people they would have had to calucate and take into consideration the wanton sex drive of black people around the world and depend on their igorant in not taking part in the known risky behavior to get the disease in the first place. If that is the case then obiviously they know us as a people pretty good.

If only black people were subject to this disease then the "curb the black population theory" might hold water, but there are millions of chinese in china coming down with this disease and of course white europeans also. The fact that they are millions of africans with this disease just speaks to the problem of educating them about the disease and how to avoid catching it. No evil plot just lots of ignorant folks running around thinking that if they have sex with a virgin, the younger the better, they get cured.

Lastly, it was make in a lab, well I got news for you people any biological agent worth its weight is make in the lab. The smallpox that our military is scared of, its not the usual smallpox but a strain that has been re-enginereed in the lab, the same for anthrax, bubonic Plague and a few other nasty diseases. Yeah, man in his quest for knowledge if that is what you want to call it, takes diseases and viruses and tinkers with them to make them better. Better for use as biological weapons.

In case anyone is wondering, I have several books on biological weapons in my collection, on top of that I had to write the anthrax response plan for my installation where I work, it caused me to do alot of reading about biological issues.
And don't forget about all of the population control commercials in the U.S. during the late 1970's and 1980's featuring Charleston Heston. Whites are VERY aware through gov't statistics and programs that they could easily become extict. Countries like Germany, Sweden, Norway,etc pay women to stay at home and to have babies because they know that their populations are in serious decline. In the U.S. back in the late 1980' and 1990's it was widely publicized that the hispanic population would become the largest group of people in the U.S. Look what they've done with the immigration policies since the 1990's, they've tried to keep hispanic people out of the country. Yes, I do think that European descendants are sick enough to develop AIDS to curb the population of undesirables so that their numbers can grow.
It cant really be proven that AIDS was created as a genocidal agent designed to eradicate black folks but if you look at where the vast majority of the world's AIDS cases are it is easy to become suspicious. The AIDS problem in Africa, is three-fold. First off, major cultural differences exist between Africa and Anerica which allow the disease to be spread faster, (i.e brothers of deceased men marrying their sister-in laws because it is a tradition). Secondly, ignorance of the AIDS disease and how it is transmitted is a major reason why it is prevalent on that continent as opposed to anywhere else. Lastly, medical treatment in Africa is deplorable which even further compounds the problem. It would not surprise me to know that AIDS was a bio-engineered disease gone amuck. Do you folks remember the "Tuskegee Syphilus" Experiements?

Bottom line:

- We have the technology and facilities to develop bio-engineered diseases.

- We have shown a propensity to conduct bio -experiments in the past.

- Black folks are generally hated around the world.

- Bio-engineered diseases (i.e improved anthrax) is causing problems across the globe as we speak.

You can debate this with me or you can read into these facts whatever you want. The fact remains that history has had its share of genocidal warriors (Hitler, Atilla, Edi Amin, etc.) and this will ocntinue becasue we no longer respect the human race.
Population control is already happening in Africa. The people have no money and now western governments have imposed on African governments that if sick people can not pay for their medicines they should not be treated. It sounds incredulous but it is true.

People are thus dropping dead like flies. Westerners introduce the virus and diseases into the continent and now they make sure the medicines don't reach the poor suffering souls. Call it conspiracy theory if you like but the facts remain that at this rate racist whites seems to have found a cure to the black problem.
I wholeheartly agreed that on the face it seems like a evil plot from some bad "b" movie but the facts are clear. If you don't engage in the known risky behavior you don't catch the disease.

It is definitely horrible that people and governments would bio-engineer diseases like this, but in this case its even more horrible that people (here in america) know how to avoid the disease and yet still engage in the behavior. Put this way if someone produced a TV documentary clearly showing this as a racist plot aganist blacks and then showed how not to get the disease, we would still have people out there getting the disease because of their behavior. We would be just as guilty in our own demise as the people who released it into the world.
I take a look at Tuskegee and realize that nothing is beyond the realm of possibilities. Then I look at the thousands of think tanks that exist in America and see that a quite a few of them are devoted to the study of Black people. Go to any search engine and type in think tanks, then look at the budgets they have.
When a track record all ready exist for this type of activity going all the way back to the infected blankets the Indians were given it defintly deserve a honest look.
I hope you don't think I was making light of this issue because I wasn't and IMHO I think this is an Conspiracy theory nothing wrong with that I have a couple of my own. How did this lawyer get aids? he is an educated man I hope he didn't get it through drugs and or unprotected sex.

I feel like this theory is putting the blame of having no kind of responsiblilty on the gov't which could sometimes be dangerous. Lets say AIDS was started by the gov't and they somehow spread it then by the time this disease was 10uyrs old people should have enough sense not to engage in risky behavior to get it. I mean this is an disease that kills you and not in such a nice manner either why wouldn't people of all walks of life be terrified and start taking the precautions why?. I can't say I buy this theory when there are so many people from all races getting this disease all I have to say is the black community needs to shoulder the responsiblity and protect themselves against the risk.
Boyd Graves is a pitiable case. Hers' a man either who has AIDS and is hiding the sumptoms with antiretrovirals, or he's never had it and claims to have cured it by the application of colloidal silver, an ineffective treatment for anything, and a treatment whose only result is to turn you gray-blue with a condition called "argyria.". Either way he's a liar.

Thus it doesn't make me comfortable to use him as an authority, especially when he vehemently disagrees with what is already known about HIV.

HIV jumped from apes to people. We know that it appeared beofre the African smallpox vaccination program which is a favorite whipping-boy of the AIDS conspiritists. Our closest guess is the 1930s, but we know that by the early 50s it was in the human population. The slaughter and consumption of monkeys is the route that brought it into humans.

The fact that African monnkeys do not usually show a response to SIV but asian monkeys do, and in fact get and die of AIDS, shows that SIV in African monkeys is very much like malaria, which lives in many carrier animals without causing any problems, but when it jumps to humans, it causes the disease. It would appear that SIV is an old African disease to which many primates have developed coping mechanisms. Asian monkeys have not had the disease long enough to do that.

HIV-2 in west Africa often infects people without killing them. It would apear that it arose in west Africa long ago and the people there have developed their own biomechanics against it, and continue to do so.

All of ths means that AIDS simply cannot be a man-made disease. It has been around much longer than we have even known about it, and reports on it in European publications go back at least to the late 1940s, before the smallpox vaccinations of the late 50s.

In studies of SIV, in 1988 teh Centers for Disease Control published guidelines to workers to minimize the risk of the workers getting the disease. In 1990 a research tech was punctured by a needle used to draw blood from an SIV-positive monkey. Testing was done on him regularly over the next two years, and during that time he progressed from having SIV proteins to HIV-2 proteins in his blood. He became HIV-positive.

Since monkeys have been used for food in parts of Africa for a long time, it is easy to see how SIV could have jumped from them to humans. Slaughtering is never a clean job.

It doesn't make a good bioweapon, either. First, it takes as long as ten to fifteen years to incapacitate or kill the patient. That's a pretty long time-line when fighting any kind of war.
SEvond, it doesn't take much to counteract it. Uganda has learned how. Pres. Museveni instituted the ABC program (for Abstinence, Be faithful, nad Condoms--in that order), and the HIV infection rate has fallen to 5%. It would be hard to do better than that with a vaccine. Other African contries, like Botswana, have only stressed condom use and their rates remain high. In fact, Botswana's HIV infection rate is one of the highest in Africa.

So we know how to fight it, and it's easy and cheap to do. IT isn't a good weapon, it doesn't have the history of an engineered virus, so for Boyd Graves to bark up this tree is to be badly misled.

Or he's doing it deliberately. Either way, he's wrong.
Sounds like another effort to pass the blame for personal acts and decisions. If blacks were the only potheads and fags, then that conspiracy theory could hold some water. Asia has one of the highest growing numbers of AIDs cases and one of my fvorite locals (Thailand) is facing an epidemic. (Therefore I will not travel there again) Frown
AIDs in Africa is spreading not so much b/c of lifestlyes but rather lack of knowledge, (ie, sleeping with young virgins to get cured)?

The various methods to contract AIDs is public knowledge and if anyone decides to participate in those actions.....well maybe it was engineered to contol the population, all the idiots who don't practice safe sex!!!!
I got some questions...

What is being labled as "risky behaviors" in this forum? It is widely believed that AIDS in Africa is contracted largely heterosexually, not homosexually.

That chinese or Tai people are being infected does not negate the possibility that AIDS could be engineered to act in minorities differently than it behaves in europeans.

Someone brought up that it would be an ineffective weapon since it takes 10 to 15 years for a kill, but if left untreated HIV/AIDS progresses quicker and in the initial publicized cases in the 80's, there was very little time between diagnosis and death.

if it's true that HIV jumped from Monkeys to Africans, how'd it get to european gays and drug addicts never having seen an African?

Remembering The Tuskegee Experiment, anything is possible.
Risky behavior also includes having unprotected sex with infected people. In this case and it is well documented, men in african countries were having unprotected sex with postitutes who were infected with the disease.

The disease does not behave differently in europeans then it does in minorities. In the early days it was strictly a gay disease in which alot of white gays were victims. In fact early on it was very unusual to see anybody but white men pictured as the face of the disease.

As far as the monkey to africans to europeans, well if a infected african sleeps with a postitute who then sleeps with a european visitng africa its not hard to imagine at all the disease being transmitted. In fact if you read the history of the disease, most of the early cases in North America were traced back to one man. He was a gay French Canadian flight attendant who was very actively sexual in the gay bath houses that were so popular in gay society.
Wednesday, April 9, 2003
Latest French Scandal: Poisoning the Third World With AIDS

We didn't think it was possible, but it seems the French are even more degenerate than previously believed: A Paris judge has opened an inquiry into allegations a French company exported HIV-tainted blood to impoverished nations.

The investigation into this long-running scandal is prompted by charges filed in November by a Tunisian couple whose son died 14 years ago. The death of 19-year-old Abdelkader Fradi in Sousse, Tunisia was officially blamed on a "cerebral hemorrhage." But the young hemophiliac had in fact contracted the AIDS virus, a taboo subject in Tunisia, his parents say.

According to French news reports, the Sousse hospital that cared for him used unheated blood products up to 1986, and possibly 1987, coming from the French company Merieux.

"The parents want to know whether the blood contamination of their child was due to a non-preventable accident or to bad administration of the blood products," Francois Honnorat, the Paris lawyer for the Fradis, told United Press International today.

"We know very well Merieux marketed products that were not tested and not heated in a number of countries. They recognized it in fact," Honnorat fumed. "The problem is the receivers never had sufficient proof to identify the products."

Merieux now goes by the name of Adventis-Pasteur. Contacted today at their headquarters in Lyon, company spokesmen would not talk.

"The inquiry marks the first foray into whether a major French blood scandal may have caused illness and death overseas," UPI reported. "More than 4,000 people were infected with the AIDS virus in France more than a decade ago, before tainted blood products were withdrawn. The scandal implicated major French politicians, leading doctors and Health Ministry officials.

"In 1999, a special court acquitted former French Prime Minister Laurent Fabius, and the country's former social affairs minister. A former health minister, Edmond Herve, was convicted but not sentenced. In July, a French appeals court dismissed another trial implicating 30 people, sparking outrage."

If even the French are finally outraged at their own atrocities, this one's going to get even uglier.

The truth will set you free, but first it will piss you off.
Some of the posts regarding this subject is truly amazing! It is hard to believe that some folks think like this. If AIDS virus was created to curb the black poputation, it certainly killed a lot of whites! Back in the day, AIDS was killing more whites than blacks. Trace it back to the late 70's, early eighties. AIDS is rampant in Africa because most of the males use and treat females with little regard and respect. They use young girls and infect them with their filth! I see mainly whites that are actually over in Africa trying to help the people. Some American Blacks have always given lip service, however that is all they give. Most do nothing for their so called "people" in Africa. In fact, they don't do too much for their people right here in America! There is a high percentage of blacks infected with HIV/AIDS here in America because for some reason, black folks just do not get it! Black woman do not insist that men use protection. ALso, the DL brothers are out there infecting unsuspecting Black Females because the woman do not know that these brothers are having sex with MEN. Again, black females are being used by black men to cover up their homosexuality. I wonder why some of us do not use our intelligence to produce workable solutions to the real problems that affect our people, and not waste time on stupid conspiracey theories, and stop wallowing in the "what the white man has done to us" mind set. Blacks as well as any other race need to be concerned with the choices they make of bringing babies into the world that they cannot feed or otherwise take care of.This is a major problem facing our black communities. Work on SOLUTIONS that will help us, not unfounded faire tales and rumors.

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