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When we (the founders of ULU) settled on our name with "Economic Development Cooperative" as descriptive of what we were to do and be, we were clear that our aim was to make a major contribution to the development and empowerment of our people and not just attend the needs of our members. We knew that the business structure we chose for ULU had to accommodate this overall objective.

Of course we chose a Cooperative Business Structure. But more than that, we chose a structure specific to our special mission.

In general there are five types of cooperative business structures; 1) Consumer, 2) Producer, 3) Worker, 4) Purchasing/Shared Services and 5) Hybrid or multi-stakeholder.

We chose # 5 or the hybrid/multi-stakeholder model. This model combines features of the other types. In addition we also chose to be for-profit and global in our reach.

ULU as an Economic Development Coop is uniquely structured and positioned to do three vital things; 1) fund itself through member investments and business revenue, 2) engage in any venture in any industry and 3) embrace millions of individuals and businesses in our overall enterprise. This capacity gives ULU a unique identity as a business entity and social agency, and gives ULU the opportunity to be extremely helpful in meeting the empowerment needs of our people. 

ULU as a business structure is exceptional. From what we know, ULU is the only member owned and controlled entity in our community able to function as an economic generator in the broader sense. Starting in the US and taking advantage of the considerable resource base of Africans in America, we can form the foundation to have a positive effect in Black Communities globally.

We ask the question; what would it mean (economically, politically and socially) if there were hundreds of ULU Marts scattered throughout the US and beyond and all serving as mega outlets for products, goods and services offered by our people globally? A follow-up question would be: with a network of ULU Marts solidly in place, what other industries and types of businesses could we explore?

The answer to these questions (and others) must be central to our deliberations at this time. Our task is to strengthen and perfect our plan and to manage our resources in a way that aids our people in developing and maintaining power: power to control the economic, political and cultural life of our communities. In our view, the natural aim of any distinct group or nation is self-determination as opposed to being dominated and exploited by others.      

Serious members of our community (and in particular Black Leadership) are called to examine ULU and its worthiness as a preeminent tool of economic empowerment for our people. ULU is in its' infancy as an institution and business model. Already, however, the foundation now in place is proving to be substantial. Additional minds and hands are needed to continue our growth towards Kilimanjaro.   

View our website, for the details and to join this vital movement.


9:00pm(EST) This Thursday Evening

9:30pm(EST) Q&A, Feedback, Announcements

To join the presentation by Internet Radio, Click Here:

By conference call: (619) 326-2725, code 263-2133 (#)

 Everyone should also be online @
Come to Presentation 5 minutes early for setup and instructions




Us Lifting Us Economic Development Cooperative
3645 Marketplace Blvd. Ste.130-264,
East Point, GA 30344


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