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How will Obama's campaign and an Obama win/presidency impact America's conversation on race? Some people think with America's changing demographics that a President Obama may just be the man to get the nation psychologically ready for changin' times. Others think it will be the same old, same old on the race front albeit with a new excuse in place of the old ones (plural, very plural).
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I haven't voted in the poll...yet.

I didn't see an offer that fit my thought.

That's probably because I am not yet sure what that is.

Clearly, there will be a change.

I don't think it will be a project of The Obama Administration...boy that felt good saying that...'The Obama Administration'.

No one will talk about 'race' in quite the same way.

'Race' will be 'in our face' every time 'The President' is discussed.

There will be an implicit dynamic...constantly.

It won't be so much that 'some of my best friends' are 'black'.

'My President' will be 'black'...whether you like it or not.

For instance, how does a constitutionalist defend the constitution while, at the same time, deriding The President 'on the basis of 'race and color'.

Everyone will have to recalibrate their language in reference to 'race'...including us.


Jim Chester
Bill C? Have you made a thread yet? If so, creating a poll is similar.

Scroll up to the top of the forum page (preferably in the forum you want to place the poll in - e.g. Issues & Politics, The Den, etc.) where you see the Menu Bar with these options (or more):

Go | New | Find | Notify | Tools

Click on the drop down menu under New where you'll find the option to create a new Thread, Poll, Private Message or Photo Album entry.

To complete the Poll simply add content in the Subject line, in the Message box along with your poll Question and the Options/answers you want used to answer your poll.

The poll formats itself. I hope this helps.
I voted, "Yes, and you know it," because even though I believe President Obama will be an agent of change over the next four years, it will certainly take more years than he'll be president to clean up the national and international mess that has taken hundreds of years for Whites in power to make. And we can't honestly expect one man do to such an enormous task. One man is not going wipe out years of ingrained prejudices against Black people and other minorities. Therefore, I believe the conversations about race will remain the same, at least for the time being.

We only need to listen to what some White voters who are supporting Obama's campaign are saying about him. Rather than simply acknolwedging him as a great candidate for president, his race is almost always the point of reference in their discussion. Instead of saying, "I believe Obama will be a great president," for example, you'll hear some Whites say, "I think this Black man will be a great president. This Black man's speech is so motivating and believable. This Black man is going to change this country around for the better."

Still, they only see his race, it seems. All of his qualities and potential is being compared to his race, which, in some of their minds, might be negative. And so, I think we will continue to be a very race-conscious society, even with him as our president.

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