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Is there a general way a woman should be treated which differs from the way a man would treat another man? Is there a generalway a woman should treat a man differing from the way she would treat another woman?

Is there consideration given in a romantic setting for the needs of the opposite sex, or do such opposing needs even exist?

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Y'all are killing me with these replies!

Every human should extend to others the same courtesy as they would like extended to themselves.

Because we exist in a society we have developed certain social norms, and roles.

"Treating a man like a king" is a saying women have learned growing up. I watched my mother and grandmother demonstrate this daily. My father always got his plate of food set aside for him when he came home late. If I came home late I made my own plate. My grandfather got his whole meal served to him in seperate bowls resturant style! I washed my fathers uniforms and pressed them, no one else got that treatment. If my Dad wanted something to drink I got it for him. I put his shoes up, his coat away. Learned his likes and dislikes. Thats the way my Mom taught me. I always I treat my mate that way as well. Although both my Grandmother and mother are true matriarchs I sledom remember my mother mouthing off in front of us at my father, or openly criticising him. My grandmother would bicker but it was a playful banter she and grandpa would engage in making each other laugh. I learned how many ice cubes to even put in my granfathers drink, and what glass was his favorite.

So is it that you wish to understand the definition of this saying?

For me being a lady means, being a woman of substance. Not having a potty mouth, being well read, calm, slow to criticise, observent, patient, intelligent, having Godly wisedom, resourceful, feminine, well put together, articulate, hard-working, and considerate.

To treat a woman who is a lady like a lady is to open the door for her. Help her with heavy bags. Speak to her in a respectful manner (leaving your potty mouth at home). Not always trying to get into her panties, get to know the whole woman first. Protecting her from the elements, and street cars. Not allowing others to speak badly of her. Not degrading her or calling her names like "up-tight", and a "b%tch" because she won't sleep with you the first two weeks you've known her! Treating her like she treats you.

Every male does not recognize or even desire a lady. It depends on what he is looking for. A lady will demand his respect, or ask him to step. And then she may get labeled as a "B" by such a male. Such is life.

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