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Fakery? LOL. I have nothing against the natural no-make look either, but makeup isn't ALL (if ever) about deceit Roll Eyes makeup is sometimes about achieving a different look... a bit of fun... being theatrical.

But you wouldn't understand anything fun or lightweight would you? sleep It's all a CONSPIRACY against men. sleep Roll Eyes

btw: you've exceeded me in obnoxious-ness. hat
Yeah. I can BE obnoxious...

Look, you make a good point but, gimme a break - YOU KNOW most women are faking it.

There are those that don't put on anything artificial - I wasn't talking about that SMALL group.

I'm addressing how women have the wrong idea how to get and man and are getting men for the wrong reasons so, no they won't end up happy.

While this is not absolute (what is?) - there's a big point to be made here regarding some of the dysfunction in relationships.
"I just hate how women use it all today. I feel it's dishonest, no matter it's origins.

If you GOT a man, paint up and dress up all you want - if you DON'T have a man, wearing all that shit is just fooling some poor dude thinking you look better than you do.

And, regarding sagging breasts - I'm a 44 year male - it's a reality. I don't curse sagging breasts - I curse dating and wining and dining someone for awhile before I know what I'm really getting.

We don't have the option to say "that's okay, I'm not attracted to you" - instead, we think you look and smell WAY better than you do."
You have to realize a few things ok?

only desperate people with no self-confidence or self-esteem (male or female) try to "trap" anyone. The object of those doing the "trapping" will, if they themselves have self-confidence (not talking arrogance, ok?) and self-esteem can spot that a mile off and avoid it/them/him/her.

Beauty is mostly genetic, and let's face it - sagging breasts are just the luck of the draw. I'm lucky to not have that issue and I'm older than you lol so be fair and don't harp on about that. What about that male middle-age (or earlier) stomach? Sorry, doesn't do it for the chics ok?

Most men appreciate a woman who takes pride in herself and her appearance - whether she is with a man or not is irrelevant, unless she ONLy takes care when WITH a man - esp in any long term (10yrs plus) relationships because it says "I am happy with my man and I'm going to be sure to always keep his eye, plus I respect myself and want to be well-grooomed" - not just to "keep him from straying" but because she thinks he is special.

Men ALWAYS project the message "I'm not attracted to you" to a woman whether it's verbal or not.

Curse the media and advertising agencies instead. They are the ones setting the unrealistic images of perfection - usually blonde - truly even most white women are BORED TO FREAKING DEATH with the white car, white hair, white teeth look and blonde hair colour in a box that America projects to the whole planet.

Women don't "know what they are getting" in advance either. Is the guy a loser? A playa? A liar? A pimp? You want to check whether women's boobs are saggy - heck maybe women want to know what's hanging beforehand. Roll Eyes

I think it is you who needs to get over the outer beauty thing - would you reject a woman with saggy boobs who is talented, educated, loving, humane, a good wife and mother, an intimate, a friend, a passionate confidante? Women with blonde hair dye all want to look the same. Women wearing make up are usually trying to look unique and different to everyone else - to highlight their assets and minimize their flaws. Everyone in the world does that.

Besides... watch out! Masculinity is the next "target" of impossible body beatiful. Men... it's your turn. Wink

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