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I couldn't eliminate anyone from this list, so I have 13 people...

1. Marcus Garvey
2. Queen Mother Audley E. Moore
2. W.E.B. Du Bois
4. Malcolm X
5. Nat Turner
6. Osagyefo Dr. Kwame Nkrumah
7. Harriet Tubman
8. Dedan Kimathi
9. Steve Biko
10. Toussaint L'Ouverture
11. Nana Yaa Asantewa
12. Queen Nzinga
13. Martin Luther King

There would also have to be a seperate list for pre-colonial/slavery and ancient African icons.
Top 10... 20... winkgrin

2.Sojourner Truth
3.Harriet Tubman
4.Assata Shakur
7.Muhammed Ali
8.Bob Marley
9.Crispus Attucks (he was pushed)
10.Haile Selassie
11.Oscar Micheaux
12.Mickey Leland
13.Ron Brown
14.John Coltrane
15.Thelonious Monk
16.Sidney Poitier
17.Jackie Robinson
18.Russell Williams (2 emmy awards for sound - "Glory" & "Dances With Wolves")
19.Stevie Wonder
20.Quincy Jones
My list is focused on the Western Hemisphere, and chronological order.

1. Toussaint L'Overture For his
courage and vision

2. Nat Turner For his courage

3. Frederick Douglass For defining
African America to America

4. Harriet Tubman For her repeated
risk for freedom for others

5. Sojourner Truth For revealing the
treachery of the United States

6. Booker T. Washington For his dream
and dedication

7. W.E.B. DuBois For analyzing the
construction of oppression by the
United State and the body of African

8. Charles Huston For cracking the
wall of Jim Crow

9. Malcolm X For setting fire to the
spirit of African America

10. Martin L. King, Jr. For us how to
resist and defeat the oppression of Jim


Jim Chester
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1. The Honorable Elijah Muhammad - without this man there would have been no Malcolm X, Louis Farrakhan, Muhammad Ali, Naim Akbar, Khallid Abdul Muhammad, Imam Warith Deen Muhammad...

2. The Honorable Louis Farrakhan-Never receives the love, or credit due to him. This man has worked tirelessly for our community for over a half century. The Hip Hop world has raised his name, however, the main stream black still refuses to give him his propers, well until they are being assaulted by the mnedia, and then they come a runnin....

3. Nat Turner-Very few historians tell the story of Nat Turner accurately. His forces were organized in their struggle.he led a small army of blacks. If not for strange luck, the entire south may have fallen to this black messiah. There are many who argue that it was Nat Turner and his movement which led whites to the conclusion that the form of slavery would have to change...

4. Imhotep-The Multi genius whose writings are responsible for the foundation of this worlds knowledge.

5.Tarik the Moor-This Moorish General led the North African into Spain and conquered, leading to the establishment of one of the greatest African centered empires in the world's history which also led to the Rennaisance in Europe.

6. Toussaint LeOverture-Powerful black general leading the people of haiti in revolution. Toussaint led what has been described as the greatest slave rebellion in history. Toussaint was a military genius deomstrated in his victories over the British armies and the Spanish.

7. Hannibal-Another african genius...His war tactics are still the subject of study in war colleges.

8. Benjamin Banneker-A very special scientist....Benjamin Banneker is the architect who designed Washington DC...He was not formally trained, however, he was...His secret will be revealed in the years to come...He was a scientist.

9. Queen Nzingha-The brilliant strategist whi fought European slavery in Africa. Nzingha was not only a tactician, she was a political leader. Her fight against the Portugese will forever be remembered.

10. Martin Luther King Jr.-Not much needs to be said. Dr. King helped shape the age.

Of course there are others worthy of mention...However, these are at the top of my list...Not necessarily in the above order however...

1. El Hajj Malik el-Shabazz (Malcolm X to the mainstream media) & Menelik I
2. Martin Luther King, Jr. & Menelik II
3. Frederick Douglass & Sojourner Truth
4. Huey P. Newton
5. Frantz Fanon
6. Patrice Lumumba & Queen Nzingah
7. Kwame Nkrumah & Queen Mekeba, Queen of Sheba
8. Mary McLeod Bethune
9. Ida B. Wells
10. Harriet Tubman
11. W.E.B. DuBois & Chaka Zulu
12. Paul Robeson
13. Crispus Attucks
14. Fannie Lou Hamer & Hannibal
15. Ralph Abernathy
16. Richard Pryor
17. Marcus Garvey
18. Ralph Bunche
19. Thurgood Marshall
20. Shirley Chisholm
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