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I watch most of Democracy Now's program this morning. The studio guest was Pro. Manning Marable. He spoke about three (3) chapters that never made it into Malcolm X's Autobiography and a "conspiracy" to paint a particular, more sanitized picture of Malcolm X's life, particularly in regards to the beliefs he held during his last days with us.

Dr. Marable alluded to COINTELPRO and J. Edgar Hoover's decree to "stop the rise of a Black Messiah." He also indicated how Alex Haley was possibly implicated in trying to mold a more "palatable" image for Malcolm X with the FBI weighing heavily in that Image Equation.

Dr. Marable says half of the information the FBI had on Malcolm hasn't been released to the public. So too are the three missing chapters from Malcolm's autobiography -- private property of a Detroit lawyer.

What does this say about how our leaders have been and are undermined?
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It reminds us that there is institutional awareness of the power of African America. Everybody knows we exist EXCEPT US!!!

We already are 99% of what we need to be to have (undeniable/unpreventable) parity in our society.

The other 1% is personal.

Personal recognition.

Personal determination.

The reason for this European American vigilance is a fear of 35 million African American-Americans coming to the same conclusion on who they are.

Whatever that conclusion is.

Any agent, or catalyst, perceived to be able to make this happen is seen as an active threat to the power base of European America.

I kid you not about the looks I get when I speak of African America in some audiences.

And they KNOW I am speaking about ancestral national heritage, and NOT an issue of separatism.

They fear the result of independent thought.


Jim Chester
It sometimes disturbs me to say/write things like I just did. It reminds me of the 'ofay', and 'gray' mentality of my youth. You may not know those used to be 'code' words for 'white', Europeans of any description in mixed company.

But it needs to be said that there is indeed an enemy out there dedicated to doing harm to us as a people.

Many of them are our declared friends.

We have done a poor job of teaching our children about and against this real threat.


Jim Chester
I watched the Tavis Smiley show on PBS last night and he interviewed Malcolm X's eldest daughter in commemoration of the 40th anniversary of his assassination. Basically, she said the lasting legacy of her father, for her, was the man he was that is usually not even portrayed by those who loved him as the man he really was. She was particularly inspired by his willingness for change and openness, the loving and dedicated father and husband that he was, and they fact that he embraced everyone and anyone he came in contact with. She also said, unlike the King family, there is no question in her mind what happened, why and who made it happen.

I wonder if that's the kind of information contained in those 3 chapters privately held by a Detroit lawyer? Confused
I watch the PBS American Experience- Malcolm X: Make It Plain.

I found the program enlightening as far as the fear Muslims stirred in me as part of the audience. I was lost as to whether some of these people were still alived because Alex Haley and Betty Shabazz were among the interviewees and I know they are dead.

Its sad to see we didn't get along back 40 years ago and we still don't.

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