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There are many categories
we women care about in how we look:
hair, nails, clothes, toes.But right
now I would like to get into the topic
of nail care.

So many beautiful designs
for nails, it's like a shopping spree.
It makes people want to look through
catalogs who captured and collected
beautiful nails galore. It is so
easy to be a fashion addict when
you see more and more creative ways
to get your nails done, hair done,
clothes to wear.

But as far as nails go,
people do pay attention to the hands
quite a bit. It even makes one feel
good to see the most elegant designed
nails. But to wear them is the
most pleasure.

So, here we go, nail tips!They
have a place where you can ask the
expert. This makes me think that when
nail tips are submitted that the
expert must try them first before
they put them up or something.

Nail tip number 1:

It's the milk manicure. I been drinking
milk for a while. Now I can use it
for my nails. ha ha! IT was written
that you can put your nails in milk
for 5 to 10 minutes to make your hands
soft before you start your manicure.

Nail Care Tip 2:

For the white nails look, if you
want those yellow stains to vanish, put
yournails in warm soapy water with a
cup of hydrogen peroxide.

Nail Care Tip 3:

OH and for those discolored
nails, which just sounds annoying
put on your base coat while
using colored nail polish.
This prevents the colored polish
from coming in contact with the

Nail Care Tip 4:

Nail fungus-Avoid it this way:
Use antibacterial soap to clean your
nail tools and take your own tools
when you get a professional manicure.

Nail Care Tip 5:

Now for this tip, I've already
heard this on youtube and a few websites.
To dry your nails fast, go get you some
ice water and stick your hands in them.

Nail Care Tip 6:

For split nails,use a moisturizer
after washing your hands and use vitamins
to make your nails stronger.

Part 2 of nail care tips:

1. Wear gloves while washing dishes or
putting hands in detergent based liquids.

2. IT is best to avoid harsh metal files.

3. Use a hand and nail lotion with the
BEST quality, because dry nails split and
crack like eggs do.

4. The most convenient and favorable
time to file nails is after your
bath.Nails get so soft in that time.

5. Let the cuticle just be. Leave it
alone because it invites infection.

6. I got some vitamin E at home. Now I
know what I can use it for besides
the obvious. Put a hole in the vitamin
E and massage it's oil on your nail's

7. Protect your nails by adding a top
coat of clear nail polish to protect the

8. IF you use more than two coats of
nail polish, know this. The nail will
not get enough breathing space.

9. OH, and for the the NON brittle nails,
it's best to USE an acetone-FREE nail
polish remover. Acetone is good for DRYING
and Making the nails brittle.

Part 1 link:

Part 2 Link:
"Black History, All Day, Everyday, All The Time."
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....and here's another:

If nails are discolored from polish, soak them in lemon juice to remove the stain.

And another....if you opt to protect your nails with tips, go the "Solar Nail" route. Not only does it protect your nails, you should experience no lifting, no yellowing, fills are required every three weeks as opposed to every two and the nails keep looking like they were just done. MoreOver, they're a LOT stronger, so if you use your hands a lot, you're protected.

"Wisdom Is A Woman Who Tips!"

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