JWC, call me dense, but i still don't get it.  When Tim Wise is described as a hustler, is it meant in the same way Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton are called race hustlers?  Is it because he does make a living discussing the issue of white privilege?

Also, I'm still unclear as to the damage/taint you are speaking about.  Could you elaborate?---NSpirit

No, Rev. Jackson, and Rev. Sharpton represent organizations dedicated, and active in demanding correction of the system.

Tim Wise sells books, and lectures.

All of us, all Americans, are damaged by The System.

We are all less than we can be, precisely because of the system in which we participate...meaning...the 'color-construction' in which we participate.

We are all...consequentially...damaged.

Europeans...and others...continue to do, and...

We continue to accept/participate.

Does that help?

Tell me what is unclear.


Jim Chester

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