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Thousands of Chinese Prostitutes Flock to Sub-Saharan Africa as the Land of Golden Opportunity

February 10, 2016 | Posted by Jasmine Nelson
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China Prostitution

The Soothing Spot has Muzak, gurgling fountains, and a friendly local staff. By all accounts it is a legitimate, happy-ending-less massage parlor. No matter. A few months after opening in an upscale mall, management began photocopying ID cards and blanketed the waiting room with posters warning that untoward advances would not be tolerated.

“Customers were expecting a different type of massage,” a manager told me last summer. “A sexual kind.”
Why the grabby hands? Locals point to Chinese massage parlors and brothels exploding across the city: Apple Spa. KLA Entertainment Center. Chinese Beauity [sic] Parlour, which sits across the street from the European Union’s offices.

The influx of Chinese prostitutes is a continent-wide phenomenon, argues Basile Ndjio, the author of a forthcoming paper in Urban Studies. He estimates that between 13,000 to 18,500 Chinese sex workers are currently in sub-Saharan Africa.

As China moves into Africa — building highways and stadiums, striking oil deals, and opening special economic zones — practitioners of the world’s oldest profession have followed, catering to both Chinese expatriates and locals. Growing African purchasing power helps explain sex migration. Deloitte estimates that Africa’s middle class has tripled over the last three decades. That means more money for imported televisions, imported handbags and, yes, imported sex. Africa is “a new El Dorado for the prostitution business,” Ndjio writes.

Ndjio, an anthropology professor at the University of Douala in Cameroon, is perhaps the only academic studying the phenomenon. He stumbled on his specialty by accident while putting himself through graduate school in Cameroon with work as a casino croupier. Dealing hands of blackjack and poker to Chinese expatriates, he learned through boozy conversation and late-night confession that “Shanghai beauties” — as they are known in Cameroon — congregated in the back rooms of Chinese restaurants, hotels and lounges.
Gamblers taught him the code words – asking for “stress relief,” “rest” or “acupuncture”— to go behind the curtain and penetrate the cliquish, guarded world of Chinese expatriates in Africa. Prior to his current paper, Ndjio has over the past six years authored two of the only studies on Chinese sex migration to Africa.


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  Here we go.  And they wanna black women hookers?  Asian women have been slave ancient times when Egypt reined.  So you know that's a long time.  And they always wanna say black women are prostitutes when the real ones are those asian and european...they're the ones to originate brothels...not us.  But the truth is coming out.  Every time there's a chance to make some booty money...who do you see?  It aint us.    But!

What are those babies gonna be called Chiggers? The English women are flocking over to Africa and Jamaica.  If African penises could be transformed into gold, every black human being in the world would be living in a mansion, have a plane and a yacht, plus millions of dollars. All the women of the world's tongues would be dragging the ground from sexual fatigue.

Black men might not have much, but they damn sure made out in the nether region; many til death made them part into the great beyond. All you non-black men need to put some soul in your strokes; then you wouldn't be so hatefully jealous. Takes SOUL baby and KNOW-HOW!!!!!!!

Practice to the drum beats of Earth, Wind & Fire.

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There is NO supremacy. It's just cases of who's more out of their minds? No one's placed here out of the Heavens. It took a penis and vagina to bring us here and death will take us out. Strip us all naked, there's no difference other than sizes. It's all the same and Thank God for the color differences. I'd be pissed if you could see the blood flowing through my  veins or when I sat down my knee caps turned white as snow. That shit freaked me OUT!!!!! My hair:  It can blow in the wind or look like the head of a sheep. My choice, it's all good.

If you were so SUPREME, you wouldn't have to KILL EVERYONE that steps your fuckin' way!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You're scared of your shadow without the Fire Stick. That's called a "Pussy" in today's terms and it has nothing to do with a baby kitten.

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Brotha RR wrote:  

their kids will have land rights in Africa...the same thing happened with White people and the Pacific Islands good strategy!!  China is slowly trying to take African resources.  

   I call this another SCRAMBLE for Africa.  Cuz you know China is now coming out of its deep of course they are trying to catch up.  They have always been involved in Africa since the Silk Road Trade.  And did their own amount of conquering doing that time.  So yes...this is another strategy...and is liken to the type of culture they are.  They usually come back to a region after it has been depleted and commence to utilize what is left over.  As in the case.  Parts of Africa is so beat down [and China knows this] that they are willing to do anything to get their country back on its economy/social feet-the people are dying.  And no one in the western world cares.  Don't be fooled by those commercials of starving children...and building wells...bullshit.  Most that money is going to the white founders of those organizations and the rest are being high jacked by very people they are trying to help i.e. the black market.  Cuz the country doesn't have adequate military force to protect and monitor goods donated...they turned their heads to the greed.  To me?  It's a business.  A dirty business.  As why it is easy for China to negotiate cuz then the people think they are in charge of this investment in their land...but.  Hehe.  They really are not.  We gon see another German type genocide of African people.   Cuz  why?  China is still as vicious as it once was.  

 Is Yellow Supremacy better than White Supremacy?

It's not good for women.  But that's almost everywhere...where religious patriarchal rules.  And unlike European...Asia...particularly south Asia has very dark-skinned people who believe in the same curled hair Buddha.  Of course China is color stroked but that's because they haven't had close relationship with Africa in a long while.   Plus during the original SCRAMBLE to Africa, China was busy coming to America to fulfill the need for cheap labor.  It was so many of em  America had to implement an act to slow down their migration...and this also during the time China began coming its door.   So as I stated above...China is desperately trying to catch up with India and other once poor now rich countries.  They don;t wanna lag behind.  It's all about money and power.  Nothing else.       But!  

RadioRaheem posted:

their kids will have land rights in Africa...the same thing happened with White people and the Pacific Islands good strategy!!  China is slowly trying to take African resources.  


Is Yellow Supremacy better than White Supremacy?  

stay tuned

Their children will have land rights if African men actually marry them, not merely because African men have sex with them or even have children with them.

Damn.  China is going to turn Africa into another India.  

In a few generations, the light-skinned Africans will be saying that they are "White", and be trying to force the dark-skinned Africans to live under a "caste" system.  

Africa is playing with fire.  

But, if Africa and China truly ally up with each other [without betrayal by China], it would make the world's largest and most powerful and most unstoppable military, economy and theater of growth and development in the history of the world. 

But, we all know that the Black race cannot truly trust any non-Black races/groups anymore now than it's been able to trust any of them so far, because historically, each and everyone has stabbed the Black race in the back and/or joined up with the enemies of the Black race time after time after time.

Africa is playing with fire.  



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